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Stäubli to present latest system solutions at DTG 2019

A range of Stäubli products will be presented, offering knitters solutions that are adapted to their specific needs.

18th December 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Pfäffikon


Stäubli, a leading textile machinery manufacturer, will present at the upcoming Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG) that takes place from 9-12 January, with its machinery and system solutions for optimising workflows in mills that seek to capture benefits like time savings and increased overall efficiency.

Stäubli invites textile industrials to visit the booth of its agent, Spintex Technology. The company will provide information about its range of products, offering weavers and knitters solutions that are adapted to their specific needs and requirements, from automation of weaving preparation to ultra-reliable shedding solutions for frame and Jacquard weaving to an innovative device that shortens the sock-knitting process – D4S.

“The recently launched D4S toe-linking device is becoming indispensable in more and more knitting mills. This ingenious device sews the toe closed while the sock-knitting machine simultaneously produces the next sock. The precise operation of the device ensures perfect linking quality,” the company says.

“Thus, the D4S answers several key challenges in knitting: minimising idle time, delivering higher-quality and higher-volume output, and reducing waste material, the increasing price of which eats into profit margins.”

Installing the D4S device on a sock-knitting machine promises a quick return on investment for the mill. In addition to more efficient production, the mill will also benefit from enhanced operator convenience and expanded functionality, especially thanks to the independent 2900SL electronic controller.

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