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20th June 2011

Successful ShanghaiTex for Terrot

Terrot's Managing Partner Andreas Von Bismarck

Chemnitz, Germany based circular knitting machine builder Terrot, is celebrating after a successful ShanghaiTex exhibition in China last week. Speaking at the textile machinery exhibition in Shanghai, Managing Partner Andreas Von Bismarck told Knitting Industry that the company had taken orders for 83 circular knitting machines by the third day of the show.

Terrot produces about 60 machines per month at the moment, depending on machine type, so taking orders for 83 machines at one exhibition is a great result. "We are delighted with the outcome of this show. We had not expected to do so well," Mr Von Bismarck said.

Similarly Terrot had not expected to do as well as it has so far this year. The company had targeted 10-15% growth over the year but this has already been achieved in the first half.

According to Andreas Von Bismarck, Terrot's sales grew by 75% last year during a period where he says the market grew by approximately 25%.

"When we acquired the company a few years ago, the first job was to bring our machine range back to one which actually met with customer needs. We achieved this but then came the financial crisis and although customers were convinced, they were not in a position to buy," Mr Von Bismarck explained.

"Finally when the crisis was over, customers started to buy and we have had some very good recent results," he continued.

Fabric from Terrot S296-2 Open Width machineSpecialised machines

Terrot's demand is for specialised machines such as jacquard models and fine gauge single jersey machines. China and Turkey are currently strong markets for the company and Terrot says Turkey almost needed the financial crisis to make it do something different to compete with China. It is now investing in fine gauge single jersey machines.

The company says it does not pay much attention to what its competitors are doing but instead it focuses on customer needs. Terrot says it is concentrating on smaller markets, not volume ones. In Korea for example the company has established a market for the S 296-2 Open Width, the machine which as on show at Shanghaitex. The main fabric produced is micro plated polyester. Other niche markets are being established in Jordan, Morocco, Belarus and Chile.

Terrot exported to 35 countries last year and reports that even its home market in Germany where producers are making automotive fabrics and other technical textiles.

Setting new standards

Terrot says it is setting sets new standards in the development and application of high performance single jersey machines and the 30 inch diameter S296-2 Open Width, 96 feed, 4 track machine on show in Shanghai was producing single jersey in gauge E46. The machine is designed for the high speed production of single jersey and is equipped with an Open Width Frame.

"The advanced and approved single jersey machine S296-2 Open Width offers brilliant flexibility and efficiency in the production of different knitting structures with up to 4 needle tracks which guarantees the application of a wide yarn variety. The use of new materials enhances highest machine speeds with reduced heat build-up and a minimum wear of the knitting tools," Terrot said.

Terrot is promising to show six new machines at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona.


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