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11th February 2008, Hard, Austria

Superfine with new world record: Gauge E60


Willy Hermann, the world leader in fine gauge fabrics, has now achieved the impossible: circular knitting in gauge E60. The present world record of gauge E54 circular knitting which was also held by Willy Hermann since the beginning of 2006 has now been outperformed by introducing brand new fabrics in gauge E60 under the Superfine label of Willy Hermann.

The fabrics will be presented for the first time to the international lingerie audience at the Inter­filière fair in Lyon at the beginning of September 2007 and will enhance the company‘s position as the leader in fine gauges. With more than 300 different Superfine fabric choices the company offers the largest selection in innovative fabrics worldwide. The Superfine range of fabrics now consists of gauges E44, E50, E54 and new E60.

This technological leap means that Superfine fabrics are now more than 100 % finer than standard gauge E28 fabrics. Broken down to the isolated stitches of a fabric, these are about 8 times finer. This gives the fabrics an unparalleled fineness with a surface that is incredibly smooth. It is no longer possible to identify by the naked eye the individual stitches, nor the stitch wales or stitch rows. There are now some 2,500 isolated stitches per cm² of fabric. With this, the fabrics appear to have one single homogeneous fabric surface, being completely dense and even.

The overall feature of "fineness" (in its various aspects) gives Superfine fabrics completely new properties. In general, Superfine is a new dimension of consumer wearing comfort and beauty. The garments are lighter, finer and much less constraining and as such offer an increased feeling of "well-being" to the wearer. The visual appearance of garments made from Superfine fabrics is far more attractive than standard fabrics.

Superfine High Power fabrics make use of high and strong elastane content. It has become possible, for the first time ever, to built in high performance features in fabrics that are incredibly light, fine and sometimes even transparent. This allows for brand new applications in the field of functional body wear, pushing this market segment forward in innovation and comfort. This type of Superfine fabric is also a true substitute for unpleasant, heavy and bulky fabrics that have been applied in shape wear, corsetry and functional underwear so far.

The brand new Superfine E60 fabric developments also include a fabric that is destined to stay black forever. The black colour is permanent and will not fade after numerous washing cycles. This innovation overcomes one of the major colour problems with items of black underwear.

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