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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

2nd August 2019, Paris

Eurovet brings Swim Culture to Paris

 In 2020, Unique by Mode City and Interfilière bring Swim Culture to Paris. © Eurovet

 In 2020, Unique by Mode City and Interfilière bring Swim Culture to Paris. © Eurovet

During the 2019 edition of Unique by Mode City, which concluded on 8 July, Eurovet presented its vision to shift its world-leading events in 2020 to take place at a time when Paris hosts the entire world and welcomes journalists, buyers, and French and international professionals, during Paris Fashion Week.

The organiser wants to re-situate Unique by Mode City and Interfilière Paris at the very centre of events that are essential to the world of fashion. This new schedule will help bring together both key buyers from the lingerie and beach communities and RTW buyers who will already be on-scene in Paris. These events will benefit from the focus of the international media, which is always out in force at these times, and the new dates will also naturally allow the show to open up to new client categories and influences.

Alongside the lingerie and swim worlds, it is around the new Resortwear, Accessories, and Beauty areas launched this year, as well the Millennials space, that an ever more on-trend and conceptual selection of exhibitors will keep drawing in the community, within a bold summer lifestyle setting.

Launch of Swim Culture

As the advocate for a profession eager to spotlight its creativity and expertise, Eurovet will be launching Swim Culture, a hub for expressions, exhibitions, and encounters with an international resonance, for three days of festivities in the heart of Paris, at the Palais de Chaillot.

Events will include artistic exhibitions and a Summer Market open to the public, and single-brand fashion shows for an audience of professionals, media, and influencers, with a Media Room offering a selection of iconic pieces from the fashion houses present at the show, creating the most beautiful of showcases in the midst of Paris.

“Eurovet’s ambition is to highlight an industry and professions that are often ignored, yet which convey universal values that are on the rise, through an unprecedented initiative and event-based networking, reinforcing the image of Paris as the worldwide centre for summertime fashion and swimwear,” the organiser explains.

“The fashion houses that embody this expertise and these talents all contribute to creating this culture. They are its agents, and their legitimacy and essence are ever-more part of these major societal shifts around Body Positivism and sustainability, which Eurovet’s shows want to support.”

Opening new chapter

Swim Culture, the media and public showcase for the Unique by Mode City and Interfilière Paris professional trade shows, will display all the culture, trades, materials, craftsmanship, and technology that have developed around swimwear, the body, and the water.

This major project will be led externally by Jimmy Pihet, who was Director of Communications and Media Relations for fifteen years for the Haute Couture and Fashion Federation.

“In a world undergoing seismic shifts, a world of images and ultra-communication, Unique by Mode City and Interfilière Paris are eager to revolutionise the structure of their shows to open a new chapter that will unite all the stakeholders involved in summertime industries, going beyond just swimwear,” Eurovet oncludes.


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