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3rd July 2017, Italy

Iluna Group and Asahi Kasei to present sustainable innovations at Interfilière

Double-needle underwear by Iluna with 100% GRS certified Roica Eco-Smart family and GRS certified recycled polyamide.© Iluna Gorup Iluna Gorup, a specialist in knitting, dyeing, as well as finishing warp and flat knit fabrics, continues its close partnership with Roica by Asahi Kasei and is getting ready to present their latest responsible innovations at the upcoming Interfilière show taking place in Paris next month.

Iluna Green Label lace collections made with premium stretch, thanks to the use of the unique Roica Eco Smart GRS certified family, now offer a new stretch Galloon lace to be combined with mesh and lace fabrics collections, now fully made with GRS certified materials. “This new evolution offers the right choice to contemporary consumers in products that are beautiful, high quality and sustainable,” the company reports.

The development follows a decision last year when the Iluna Group converted all its stretch yarn exclusively to the unique Roica Eco Smart family for all of its top of the range jacquardtronic and textronic articles.

To reinforce this commitment, Iluna also celebrated its new STeP certification by Oeko-Tex, a certification that clarifies and communicates the company’s sustainable production commitment regarding manufacturing and processing to all its partners and customers in a transparent, clear manner.

Fashion & Iluna feature on the catwalk in Paris with the Momenti Di Passioni fashion show at the Interfilière salon from 8-10 July. “Here you will be able to enjoy a dazzling and exciting new range of bold Eco flocking beachwear and cover up,” the company adds.

“At the show, breakthrough fabric designs from Iluna show a revolutionary quality in the new Burano collection: a range of decorative, macramé precious pattern effects that are diaphanous and semi-sheer styles that use at their heart the Roica Eco Smart premium stretch family exclusively.”

Galloon by Iluna Green label with 100% GRS certified Roica Eco-Smart family and GRS certified recycled polyammide. © Iluna Gorup

Iluna Group switched its whole collection production to using world-first GRS certified family of Roica Eco Smart premium stretch fibres that comes from several percentages of recycled pre-consumer waste.

Using this close partnership with Asahi Kasei, Roica Eco Smart family is the stretch of choice that aims to provide the saturated bright and deep, fast colourways, while better meeting the circular fashion economy with a lace made with Global Recycle Standard certified yarn. “It delivers a new and responsible dedication in respect of the planet, and its people through innovation standards that combine beauty and quality in every step of is design, development and manufacture,” the manufacturer explains.



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