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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

17th January 2017, Italy

Iluna Group launches Green Label with ROICA by Asahi Kasei

Lace underwear by Iluna Group. © Iluna GroupIluna Group, a leading producer of lingerie, lace, beachwear and bridal products, is continuing collaborative efforts with Asahi Kasei, a diversified Japan-based manufacturer of fibres and chemicals, with the introduction of a new line – Green Label.

After a total switch last season that led the company to adopt the ROICA Eco Smart yarn by Asahi Kasei – a GRS-certified premium stretch yarn designed to ensure the recycling of production residues up to 60% on all top-of-the-range Jacquardtronic and Textronic articles –  the company has introduced Green Label, realised with ROICA Eco Smart.

ROICA Eco-Smart is an eco-friendly, stretch yarn with clear and certified environmental benefits that’s blended into many of this season’s new collections, according to the manufacturer. The production of this yarn uses more than 50% pre-production industrial waste material and is designed responsibly and ethically for customers looking to bring contemporary stretch to their own more sustainable product lines.

Green Label

Green Label is a line that features lace, new double-needle bar lace and, for the very first time, fishnet stockings and jacquard. Aiming to represent creativity, technological innovation and environmental sustainability, it is an eco-fashion line, which includes lace and stockings, capable of combining ethics and high quality standards with a fashion image of bright and deep colours, according to the manufacturer.

With Green Label, Iluna Group says it aims to become a leader in the production of lace on a global scale, offering a new typology of fully GRS-certified products.

Iluna Group

Iluna Group was founded in 1969 based on an idea of Luigi Annovazzi, to produce pre-shaped bra cups. In 1985 Iluna acquired the Ondoli di Cuggiono plant, specialised in the production of elastic lace, challenging the French Leavers lace.

The products, which constitute the core business of the group, are microfibre fabric and tulle, elastic and non-elastic lace for external apparel, underwear, corsetry and beachwear, hosiery, and articles without stitching, using Karl Mayer technology.

Recently, an Iluna Lab was added, a facility for technological and stylistic innovation. Iluna Lab’s spearhead is the Black Label series, enriched by ultrathin lace.


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