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14th July 2015, Florence

Mare d’Amare reveals trend forecasts by Invista and David Shah

The eighth edition of the international trade fair for beachwear and swimwear, Mare d’Amare, is ready to host events, fashion shows, workshops and beachwear collections from around 250 brands coming from all over the world from 18-20 July in Florence.

The show offers a unique opportunity for field experts and insiders to get the most comprehensive overview of 2016 summer trends. The events are going to be broadcast live on the internet, thanks to the innovative digital platform Mare d’Amare Digital, which this year is going to be expanded and better structured to allow brands to interact through their qualified showcase at mouse-hand.

The 2016 beachwear colour trends outlined by the Anglo-Indian guru David Shah for the partner trade fair Maredimoda Cannes can be summarized into four main themes: Jungle Fever, Rave Couture, Memphis Sport, and Brutal Glam. © Mare d’Amare

“Our real strength lies in our strong will of improving and doing really better every year, since we have always been trying to offer a full and cutting-edge service to our visitors in order to make the full range of our supply available and easy to be accessed,” commented Alessandro Legnaioli, President of the fair.


Once again, the very special partner for the 2015 edition is Invista, the leading integrated producer of fibres and polymers and an owner of the Lycra fibre brand, which, together with the Lycra Xtra Life fibre, has always been a valuable ally for the most cutting-edge beachwear collections.

“Offering a useful and effective 100% service, capable of being perceived by trade operators and field experts as a pure added value, is the main objective of Invista and its Lycra Xtra Life brand,” said Edy Figini, Marketing Head at Invista Italia for underwear, beachwear and  hosiery. “The partnership between Invista and its Lycra Xtra Life brand and Immagine Italia & Co. by Mare d’Amare is the evidence of our continued interest towards the entire textile industry chain: an ongoing and mindful commitment that drives us to constantly support the market”.

For the three-day fair Invista has also organized new communication initiatives with the purpose of promoting the collections of its partner brands. Among them is the presentation of the new 2016 underwear and beachwear trends as conceived by Invista. The Lycra Xtra Life brand will also be the privileged partner of the fair during the catwalks of the Mare d’Amare Fashion Show, the retailer-oriented workshops and the two exclusive night events.


This year underwear, beachwear and hosiery retailers will be offered special workshops. On Saturday and Sunday, for example, Massimo Giordani, Vice President of the Italian Marketing Association, is going to speak about web marketing. Giordani will also provide the needed tools to successfully interact with the social network users and to be able to implement a campaign of web marketing and social engagement.

The second workshop will feature Massimiliano Pivetta, President of Assovisual, who will focus on shop-windows as tools of visual marketing. The general fair secretariat has also decided to reward the retailers who will prove to have put the learning from the training courses into practice. The prize will consist in an event financially supported by Mare d’Amare, a photographer and a personal bra fitter.

Beachwear trends

The 2016 beachwear colour trends outlined by the Anglo-Indian guru David Shah for the partner trade fair Maredimoda Cannes can be summarized into four main themes: Jungle Fever, which is full of colours, contrasting designs and bravely mixed patterns; Rave Couture, which embraces the red-carpet elegance marked by illusionistic fancy patterns inspired by pop art; Memphis Sport, a combination of sports and leisure swimwear with daring colours; and Brutal Glam, the last theme, which tells us about futuristic dresses, designed for a strong, impressive and majestic woman.

 Furthermore, the four themes identified by Mare d’Amare perfectly integrate and become complementary with the work performed and introduced by Invista, where three macro-categories summarize the suggestions and hints for next season: Modernism Meets Sport with ambitious geometries, mix and match and contrasting colours that fit one and only dimension; Afro Future with multi-cultural flashes of inspiration for a theme that blends together ethnical and contemporary allusions; and Illusion Wear for optical illusions and balance of proportions.

“In collaboration with one of the worldwide leading offices, Invista has developed a real collection of beachwear and underwear proposals in accordance with main 2016 trends; a project which has evolved alongside David Shah’s work and which, more than ever, has aimed at pointing out how aesthetics by itself does not account for the aesthetical impact of a garment,” explained Edy Figini.


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Editors ViewPoint
Sounds like an interesting show. Anyone been to it or going to it? Wonder how it compares to Interfiliere/ Mode City?


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