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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

1st June 2020, London

Südwolle and Lycra bring unique performance to wool market

© The Lycra Company.

© The Lycra Company.

The Lycra Company, an innovator in the apparel industry and wool spinner Südwolle Group, have partnered to bring the ‘next level of sustainability’ and unique performance into the wool market with a ground-breaking new technology. As the first of its kind, the new GRS certified cationic dyeable Coolmax EcoMade long staple yarns can be perfectly processed with wool without compromising its unique properties, according to The Lycra Company.

Among the existing types of recycled polyester that can be blended with wool, Coolmax EcoMade technology distinguishes itself by its cationic dyeability. “This property considerably facilitates the dyeing process in piece or cone dyeing and enables a gentler dyeing process at lower temperatures using less energy. This not only helps to ensure that the touch and handle of the wool are not impacted but is also a positive development for sustainability within this market. Furthermore, generally, a cationic dye process tends to deliver better colour and colour fastness,” the company explains.

© The Lycra Company.

© The Lycra Company.

“This new Coolmax EcoMade fibre is the perfect partner to wool, combining the performance of uniquely engineered cross-sections of Coolmax fibres, offering better breathability and moisture management, with the natural attributes of wool,” explains Jim Sweeney, Business Development Director for The Lycra Company specialty polyester.

In order to highlight the new innovation’s unique qualities, as well as challenge the presumption that sustainable fibres compromise on performance, Südwolle blended the Coolmax EcoMade fibre with its Merino yarns to develop a range of sports and outdoor samples. They then invited several of their key customers on a winter sports weekend to launch the products.

“Never judge a book by its cover, nor judge a yarn without physically testing it! The participants’ feedback was very positive. They in particular highlighted that the blend performed outstandingly well in terms of moisture management and comfort,”, comments Michel Mastio, Director for Circular Knitting and Hosiery Yarns, Südwolle Group.

The Lycra Company and Südwolle Group are both continuously looking at ways to improve their offerings both to address customers’ needs and for a more sustainable future and this new development highlights this commitment.



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