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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

24th December 2019, Albstadt

Three questions for Wolfgang Müller, Sales Director, Mayer & Cie.


Wolfgang MuellerAt the recent Shanghaitex, which was held from 25 to 28 November 2019, Mayer & Cie. China (MCN) exhibited its new machine for manufacturing three-thread fleece. The MFC 3.2 is the first in-house development by the German circular knitting machine manufacturer’s Chinese subsidiary. It produces light to heavy linings and is specially geared to processing polyester yarn. The MFC 3.2 will be available from spring 2020; the material it produces is used in sports- and leisurewear.

Just a few days ago, the German company published on its website, a short interview with its Sales Director, Wolfgang Müller. Here is the interview:

At Shanghaitex Mayer & Cie. China (MCN) exhibited the MFC 3.2. Where will the machine be available?

WM: MCF stands for “Mayer Fleece China”. Developed for the Chinese market, it is the first model that was developed in-house by our Chinese subsidiary Mayer & Cie. in Shanghai. After its sales launch in the course of 2020 it will be available solely in China.

The new three-thread fleece machine is part of our Chinese portfolio, which now, with the MFC 3.2, consists of five different machines. The others are the MSC 3.2 II, the MDC 2.2, the Relanit 3.2 SC and the OVJA 2.4 EC. All five models are assembled at our Shanghai works on the basis of the knitting head principle.

And what is the knitting head principle?

(WM): The knitting head is the core component of every circular knitting machine, and the knitting head of every Mayer & Cie. machine is “Made in Germany”. Many of the components of our Chinese machines, in contrast, are manufactured by our 30 or so employees in Shanghai. That gives us valuable extra flexibility. All of the Chinese machines are, in any case, assembled in Shanghai. That gives us leeway in respect of customers’ wishes and delivery dates. Furthermore, we can offer our selected machines at a competitive price in the price-sensitive Chinese market.

Are all Chinese machines available only in China?

(WM): Only once a machine has proved its worth sufficiently in the Chinese market, with mid-range treble-digit sales and correspondingly positive customer feedback, do we consider releasing it for sale in neighbouring countries outside China. The MSC 3.2 II is the first and so far only machine for which we have given this go-ahead. Customers in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam can order the MSC 3.2 II from MCN.

In principle, however, the following points must be borne in mind. Our Chinese subsidiary enjoys “domestic conditions”. In other words, and inter alia, there are no import duties or other charges, we can offer short delivery dates in China and Chinese customers can pay in their own currency. Once we export a machine benefits of this kind no longer apply. That is why it would often make little sense for our international customers to order a Chinese machine rather than one that is made in Germany. What is more, our machines made in Germany cover a much wider range than we are able to offer with our machines assembled in China.

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