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4th November 2007, Ede, Netherlands

Tanatex Chemicals introduces Easy Stretch


TANATEX Chemicals proudly presents their new and innovative finish for apparel and fashion: Easy Stretch. Easy Stretch is a concept finish and is basically applicable on both knits and fabric and is more or less fibre-independent.

As the name already implies it adds more elongation and dynamicity to the knit. Elasticity increase of 20% is possible. The effect is especially suitable for sportswear. The elasticity offers the consumer extra comfort even under extreme circumstances.

TANATEX Chemicals B.V. wants to be valued and respected within the textile industry as a reliable partner, who offers a complete, innovative and high quality product portfolio to its customers, providing them with competitive advantages. The company endeavours to be a strong player within a constantly changing market by rendering to its customers a high level of technical service and a high degree of flexibility and reliability.

History of being strong in the field of pre-treatment of textiles.

Examples are top products like TANNEX® GEO, a bleaching stabilizer for discontinuous applications, based on clay-technology, TANNEX® RENA liquid, our bleaching stabilizer for continuous applications, based on modified silicate chemistry and the SPANSCOUR-range of innovative and leading products in the field of yellowing protection for synthetics.

The complete range of products comprises of:

- Desizing agents

- Boiling-off auxiliaries

- Dispersing/chelating agents

- Bleaching stabilizers

- Peroxide elimination products

- Wetting agents

- Scouring agents

- Products for yellowing protection

- Anti-phenolic yellowing agent

- Fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs)


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