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Connected PPE and new ways to assess health and performance

The Textile Computing pioneer Myant has unveiled concept designs for connected PPE that utilises VOC sensing to assess health and performance

7th October 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Toronto, ON

Technical Textiles

Myant Inc., a global pioneer in textile computing, has unveiled concept designs for connected PPE that utilize VOC sensing, enabling new ways of holistically assessing health and performance as part of an expanding interconnected system of biometric knitted garments being realized by the company.

As the idea of wearing PPE evolved from a reactionary preventative measure to an integral part of daily living in the post-COVID world, Myant began to envision ways that a connected biometric sensing mask could integrate into the company’s broader vision for Skiin a network of interconnected biometric garments that span across the different spheres of life.

By virtue of being in close proximity to the nose and mouth, the mask form factor presents an opportunity for a connected textile to collect data on emissions from the respiratory system via volatile organic compound (VOC) sensing, providing new ways to assess health and performance for the user, Myant explains.

The three patent pending mask concepts, designed for healthcare, fitness, and workplace use cases, serve as a guiding vision for the development of the company’s first connected biometric mask to be commercialized later this year under Myant’s consumer brand Skiin.

According to Myant, this development points the way towards a future where functionalized textiles and garments are pervasive throughout daily life, acting as a continuous ambient interface to the human body that helps all people in society live healthier, higher performance, safer, and more productive lives.

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