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11th October 2016, Shanghai, & Wujin

Karl Mayer to showcase multiple innovations in Shanghai and Wujin

Karl Mayer will be exhibiting at two different locations in China next week – at ITMA ASIA + CITME in the NECC in Shanghai, from 21 – 25 October (hall 4.1, stand A 30) and at its own In-House Show at KARL MAYER (China) in Wujin, Changzhou.

At this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME Karl Mayer will offer innovative solutions for warp knitting, weaving preparation and technical textiles. The innovative market leader will be showcasing its advanced products in its specialist fields and a free shuttle bus will transfer visitors between the two locations.

At this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME Karl Mayer will offer innovative solutions for warp knitting, weaving preparation and technical textiles.

The visitors will be able to see an extensive range of products and the focus of the in-house show will be on the production of lace, and an important new development will be setting new standards for multibar jacquard machines in terms of the cost:benefit ratio. The new machine will be demonstrating its potential by producing a fashionable lace for the outerwear market. The first machines have already been sold, the company reports.

In Wujin, the company will also be showing a new double-bar raschel machine for producing fashionable shoe designs, and a direct warping machine for warp knitting with a new, hybrid operation.

Tricot machines will be the focus of the presentation in the NECC and the company will be continuing with the generation change that it introduced at ITMA 2015 in Milan. Manufacturers of technical textiles can look forward to seeing some new ideas for lightweight constructions on Karl Mayer’s stand in Shanghai and the company will also be showing a highly efficient sectional warping machine and an innovative sizing system.

ITMA Asia + CITME, NECC, Shanghai

New generation tricot machines

Karl Mayer is currently working on a gradual generation change for its HKS machine series, which it says will delight its customers - the company will be showing the fourth generation of its HKS 3-M. Extensive modifications have focused on the ergonomic machine design and the new KAMCOS 2 automation platform. KAMCOS 2 ensures that the functions of the state-of-the art textile machines are fully integrated and on the latest tricot machines, these include: camera monitoring as standard for complete, all-over fabric monitoring and the early detection of faults; the Laserstopp yarn monitoring system with rapid reaction times; and LED illumination with status display. KAMCOS 2 system also acts as the interface to the new Karl Mayer Connect App.

LEO is also included in the overall package of innovative machine features – LEO technology, which has been available in series since the beginning of 2016, can decrease energy consumption for companies by up to 10% compared to the conventional version, and thus reduce costs as well as the carbon footprint. An 218 inch wide KS 3-M in gauge E 28, will be demonstrating all of these features in Shanghai.

High performance sectional warping and sustainability in sizing

Karl Mayer will be offering a real highlight for visitors specialising in warp preparation for weaving – the ISOWARP. The sectional warping machine operates at an impressive level of performance – the productivity of this innovative machine may be up to 30 % higher during weaving preparation, and the weaving efficiency may be increased by up to 3% compared to other models on the market, Karl Mayer says.

As well as being efficient, the ISOWARP is also said to be easy to operate, reliable and accurate, with warped beams being the highest quality at every length. The reasons for this high performance include a number of technical innovations such as an Ethernet interface for linking up to the network and the KAMCOS 2 system, which aims to guarantee easy operation.

The second machine being shown by Karl Mayer’s Warp Preparation Business Unit is the innovative HSB size box with prewetting facility. The HSB is the key element of the PROSIZE sizing machine. It operates with three highly turbulent, uniform application zones and spray bar technology with a subsequent application/squeeze roller unit. Savings can be made in sizing additives, the energy needed for desizing, and effluent loads. It reduces the amount of size required by up to 10% and the size application is also said to be more uniform.

Technical textiles and the lightweight construction sector

Karl Mayer’s Technical Textiles Business Unit will be taking a sporty approach to ITMA Asia + CITME, where it will be showing a high-tech bicycle made from CFP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic), demonstrating its commitment to the lightweight construction sector. When developing its innovative construction technology, Karl Mayer says it is a real trendsetter – with its biaxial and multiaxial machines for producing reinforcement textiles for composites.

Karl Mayer can also supply fibre spreading machines to make optimum use of the characteristics of different technical filament yarns, particularly carbon. The machines are tailored to suit the requirements of customer and are, therefore, often bespoke machines.

360° support: all-round support using online technology

Karl Mayer has optimised its all-round service and added some new facilities recently and the result is 360° support. The customer support programme is, Karl Mayer claims, the most comprehensive in the sector and is arranged modularly. The key modules of this 360° support are service, spare parts, textile consulting, the Academy and sales. The new facilities concern the targeted use of online communication, such as the KARL MAYER CONNECT and KARL MAYER CHECK PARTS apps. By using the KARL MAYER CONNECT app, machine operators can communicate, quickly without error, and in a target manner with the Karl Mayer service organisation. Machine data can also be accessed remotely.

In-House Show at Karl Mayer (China), Wujin, Changzhou


The volume end of the market for lace for outerwear is just as lucrative as it is specific, Karl Mayer explains. It makes its own demands of manufacturers in terms of efficiency, versatility, quality and the types of machines used. Karl Mayer has reacted to this situation by developing a new machine series known as LACE.EXPRESS and the first machine in this series is the recently developed OJ 59/1 B.

The HKarl Mayer OJ59/1B

The OJ 59/1 B produces large volumes of fashionable lace for the rapidly changing outerwear market, and is just as efficient as the Jacquardtronic Lace but is much more productive, the company reports. The new machine can reach a maximum speed of 900 rpm when producing standard lace for mass-produced garments.

By concentrating on stylish ladieswear, the LACE.EXPRESS complements the Textronic Lace and Jacquardtronic Lace series, which will continue to focus on lingerie and functional warp-knitted textiles. Like all Karl Mayer’s lace machines, the LACE.EXPRESS represents solid, reliable machine engineering, a high operating reliability - including efficient service provision - and top-quality fabrics. All this makes the machine a safe investment, Karl Mayer adds. The machine is also said to be easier to operate than previous models and also looks good - the OJ 59/1 B features a radically reworked, modern design, with a swivel-mounted operator interface.

New, multibar “curtain-to-wear” lace featuring bourdon designs

In the multibar raschel machine sector, Karl Mayer will be presenting an innovation from the production repertoire of the ML 46 at the in-house show.

The Karl Mayer ML46

The ML 46 is well established on the market. Equipped with 46 guide bars, this all-round machine offers extensive patterning possibilities and can, for example, also work stretch powernet fabrics, different patterns from different yarns, integrated panel separation and selvedge constructions. At the in-house show at Karl Mayer (China) in Wujin a 210 inch ML 46 in gauge E 18, will be demonstrating its features whilst processing thick liner yarns, with a count of more than 2000 dtex.

Expansion of the MLF product family

The second highlight of the show on the theme of multibar raschel machines is the new MLF 60/32, with which Karl Mayer is expanding its successful MLF range.

Karl Mayer MLF machine

The MLF 60/32 is based on the concept of the MLF 46/24, which was presented at ITMA 2015, and can, therefore, guarantee the same level of performance in terms of efficiency, quality and machine utilization, Karl Mayer says. The new addition to the MLF family has more guide bars and can offer a greater range of patterns. For example, larger and more opulent motifs and edge borders can be produced in a wider range of patterns. At the in-house show a 210 inch MLF 60/32 in gauge E 24, will be producing a differentially patterned fabric for kebayas, a traditional Indonesian garment. The MLF 60/32 can also be used by sari manufacturers as an alternative to the Textronic Lace machine.

RDJ 5/1 - Shoe fabrics with a weft-knitted look

The new RDJ 5/1, which has been available since 2015, is setting the trend in shoe fabric fashions, according to Karl Mayer. The basic model operates with piezo jacquard technology, adjustable distances between the trick plates of from 2 to 8 mm, and N pattern drive, and will bring a touch of colour to the in-house show at Karl Mayer (China). The 138-inch-wide machine, in gauge E 24, will be using a contrasting, multicoloured yarn combination to produce a fabric with the look of a chunky weft-knitted fabric to create a complete shoe piece. The brightly coloured designs are based on beams that are warped to match the pattern on a DS OPTO EC.

The Karl Mayer RDJ 5/1 knitting head

With this multicoloured design, the RDJ 5/1 is delivering a warp-knitted spacer fabric with a look that is currently in high demand at a production rate that speaks for itself, Karl Mayer explains. In terms of its productivity, the double-bar raschel machine is streets ahead of similar machines in the flat and circular weft knitting sector, the company adds.

Direct warping machine for every running length and application

The DS OPTO EC combines sectional and direct warping, which means that it can do two things: it can efficiently warp both short and sample beams, as well as standard sectional beams. Its exceptional flexibility makes this machine a universal all-rounder for use in warp knitting preparation, Karl Mayer says.

In the cone operating mode, the DS OPTO EC can be used for developing new products, producing patterned sectional warp beams, processing short runs, and for carrying out processing trials on expensive yarns. It can also be used where space is limited. The DS OPTO EC is a highly efficient direct warping machine for producing long running lengths. The new machine in the DS machine series can also produce sectional warp beams of the highest quality – an important requirement for guaranteeing maximum efficiency during warp knitting.

“With its extensive range of products, the in-house show at Karl Mayer (China) is a must for the warp knitting sector, and is an ideal opportunity for visitors to complement what will be on show at ITMA ASIA + CITME. It is, therefore, definitely worth a visit,” a spokesperson for Karl Mayer concluded.



In House Show

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