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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

5th May 2020, Leicester, UK

Leicester’s Mars Knitwear joins COVID-19 fight with Premium Face Masks

© Mars Knitwear.

© Mars Knitwear.

A Leicester, UK based knitwear manufacturer has joined the fight against the COVID-19 by pivoting its production of knitwear to make protective face masks for the general public and workers. Mars Knitwear has worked closely with Stoll GB and its Knit Design Centre to bring to market the range of protective flat knitted face masks.

“Following our product development, Stoll GB are delighted to announce that Mars Knitwear of Leicester have taken on the manufacturing of high-quality face masks for businesses and personal use,” David Williams, Managing Director of Stoll GB and the Knit Design Centre, said.

Mars Knitwear’s Premium Face Masks are specially designed to provide unparalleled comfort without compromising on protection. The masks are made from Diolen high tenacity polyester, and incorporate silver, a material long known to provide long lasting protection against bacteria, allergens, and germs. The masks are both reusable and machine washable.

“Our seamless manufacturing process allows the mask to be perfectly contoured and the specially designed straps are wider at the back of the ear to maximise on comfort,” Mars Knitwear says.

© Mars Knitwear.

© Mars Knitwear.

The company stresses that although its masks are proudly Made in Britain, they are not suitable for hospital environments. “Our masks don't take away from the PPE required by the NHS,” it adds.

Mars Knitwear – passion and experience

Mars Knitwear is a Leicester based knitwear manufacturer that has been producing the finest quality knitwear since 1994. All of the company’s products are designed, manufactured, and carefully inspected in-house by its team of experts.

At the front lines of Mars are industry veterans Keith and Said who have a combined industry experience of over 70 years. Their passion for creating high quality products and immaculate attention to detail embody the Mars Knitwear vision.

© Mars Knitwear.

© Mars Knitwear.

“Over the years we have supplied many high street stores as well as our global customer base. Some of which are based in USA, Japan, and Germany to name a few,” Mars says.

“Knitwear is woven into the history of Leicester. Sadly, all of the original factories are now closed, but the area is still full of skilled knitwear technicians. Many are now back to doing what they do best at the Mars Knitwear factory,” the company concludes.

“During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mars Knitwear was quick to respond to the growing demand for protective, comfortable, eco-friendly face masks. Using a seamless manufacturing process, we developed a high quality, anti-microbial, re-usable face mask that we could share with the world.”

To Buy Mars Knitwear Premium Face Masks

To buy Premium Face Masks from Mars Knitwear, please follow the link below:




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