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29th August 2016, Reutlingen

Stoll’s ‘Innovation for you’ at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016

ITMA Asia + CITME, the most important international exhibition for textile machinery in Asia, will be the showcase for a whole raft of innovations from leading flat knitting machine manufacturer H. Stoll AG & Co. KG. “Many interesting surprises will await the visitors of this year’s exhibition,” the German company announced today. “Stoll will present many inspiring and economical solutions and exciting possibilities of knitting technology during the fair in Shanghai.”

Under the slogan Innovation for you, new guidelines in innovative processes will be demonstrated by the company and the main focus at the trade‐show is demonstrating optimal solutions for the customers. “The customers receive a short and clear message: 100% customer orientation in all areas – 100% technology, which convince,” Stoll says.

CMS 330 HP W multi gauge

For the first time, the prototype CMS 330HP W multigauge will be presented in the knitting machine technology area. According to Stoll, this type of machine is a suitable answer for the special technical requirements of shoe fabrication. In addition, the company says, it is also perfectly suited for demanding applications in the fashion sector. It is possible to choose machine equipment individually, according to customer and fabric demands.

Stoll 520C+ multigauge. (c) Stoll.

“The CMS 330 HP W multigauge is an extremely innovate machine with an excellent price to performance relationship,” a Stoll spokesperson said. “With the quality label Made in Germany it completes the demand for a high performance machine.”

Further machines that will be exhibited include the ADF 530‐16 multi gauge, ADF 530‐16 BW, CMS 502 HP+ multi gauge and CMS 520C+ multi gauge.

Stoll software solutions

Stoll’s software‐room at the Shanghai exhibition will be another highlight of the continually growing range of Stoll Software Solutions. However, Stoll says: “Many innovative ideas in the sector of networking and digitalization of processes will surprise visitors at the Stoll booth.” Experts will be on hand to demonstrate these innovations in a customer friendly environment.

Stoll’s software‐room at the Shanghai exhibition will be another highlight of the continually growing range of Stoll Software Solutions.  (c) Stoll.

The Production Planning System (PPS), M1plus patterning software, and the user‐optimized tool GKS (Grading for Knitting System), which Stoll says can all be learned easily, will also be exhibited.

Stoll Fashion & Technology and Technical Textiles

Stoll’s Fashion & Technology department consistently shows future trends and ideas, which will be very well illustrated in the latest trend collection Performance+: fashion combined with intelligent technological advantages.

Stoll’s ADF‐technology has many beneficial features, one of which is the implementation of body‐monitoring functions (pulse, heat, temperature) into the knitted piece. Some examples of intelligent fabrics are jogging bras and the the company’s award‐winning Balaclava – a face mask for the special demands of athletes in the winter time.

Award winning balaclava from Stoll. (c) Stoll.

The area of Technical Textiles has collaborated strongly with the department Fashion & Technology for the Shanghai show. Established technical experience assists to create a unique interesting prototype – a chair coat. Knitted with a CMS 330 HP W multigauge machine, this project and many other ideas will be displayed during the exhibition in Shanghai.

To experience Innovation for you –all interested parties should visit the Stoll booth at the ITMA ASIA + CINTE 2016 in Shanghai.

H. Stoll AG & Co. KG is an internationally operating manufacturer of flat knitting machines based in Reutlingen (Baden‐Württemberg, Germany). The world‐ renowned enterprise was founded in 1873 and has about 850 employees worldwide.

The Stoll product portfolio comprises flat knitting machines and patterning software which are used for the production of fabrics for fashion as well as for technical applications. Stoll exports to more than 70 countries all over the world and offers integrated service through affiliated companies, sales and marketing centres and numerous agencies.

With innovative technical developments and a modern production environment Stoll enables a broad spectrum of knitting trends. Some of these are shown in the most current Stoll Capsule Collection.



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