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10th September 2015, Tokyo

Teijin Frontier to debut at Premiere Vision Paris with Deltapeak polyester fabric

Deltapeak is an ideal material for use by sports apparel manufacturers. Teijin Frontier, the Teijin Group's fibre-product converting company, will participate in Première Vision Paris, a major event for global fashion industry professionals that takes place in Paris next week.

One of the highlights will include Deltapeak, a next-generation polyester fabric developed to integrate physicality, functionality and quality to a high degree.

In addition to softness, durability and elasticity, it is said to offer ultraviolet protection and anti-transparency, as well as snag resistance due to its dense, flat-knit surface, making it an ideal material for use by sports apparel manufacturers. The booth will present a wide variety of Deltapeak fabrics for fashion use, including knit fabric with textile-like appearance.

On display

Teijin Frontier’s booth will feature fabrics made from its next-generation materials Solotex and Deltapeak, including a selected portfolio for Autumn/Winter 2016-17 that was developed using processing technologies from renowned fabric-producing districts in Japan.

By proposing the application of its functional materials for a wide variety of fashions, Teijin Frontier aims to expand its business in Europe and improve awareness of its comfortable and fashionable materials.


Solotex polytrimethylene terephthalate fibre, which is exceptionally soft, highly stretchable, shape-retaining and durable, is producing deep, vivid colours, according to the manufacturer.

The booth will present a wide range of hybrid products that blend Solotex with other natural and synthetic fibres to add new textures and functions, making it appealing as an all-purpose fashion material. Since 37% of its components are bio-derived, Solotex is also an environmentally friendly choice.

Teijin Group

Teijin is a technology-driven group offering advanced solutions in the areas of sustainable transportation, information and electronics, safety and protection, environment and energy, and healthcare.

Its main fields of operation are high-performance fibres such as aramid, carbon fibres and composites, healthcare, films, resin and plastic processing, polyester fibres, products converting and IT. The group has some 150 companies and around 16,000 employees spread out over 20 countries worldwide.


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