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Tencel makes a difference with #checkwhatsgood campaign

Lenzing announces Tencel #checkwhatsgood campaign to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

1st April 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Lenzing, Austria

Intimate Apparel, Sports/​Activewear

After a year that brought sudden change to the world, a key focus in 2021 has been to restore life to the way it should be, says fibre producer Lenzing. Bringing the theme of this year’s Earth Day, Restore Our Earth to life, the Austrian company’s Tencel brand will roll out a new action-oriented social media campaign called #checkwhatsgood.

The campaign aims to bring attention to sustainable fashion and purchase habits alongside a variety of global and regional brands, designers and influencers. In addition, the Tencel brand will continue its partnership with One Tree Planted for the third consecutive year and develop new partnerships with NGOs to drive consumer actions.

Earth Month is always a valuable period to reflect on one’s own ecological footprints and consider ways to reduce any impact on the planet

Given consumer education is key to driving sustainability efforts, Lenzing will partner with Fashion Revolution Japan to conduct educational panel discussion and interactive workshops for consumers. Lastly, Lenzing will join hands with DripbyDrip, an NGO from Germany committed to tackling water issues in the fashion and textiles industries. DripbyDrip will introduce an educational program to showcase how high-water consumption and subsequent waste can be in manufacturing garments and highlight ways to reduce one’s water footprint.

Championing sustainability from home

Nowadays, Lenzing says, public safety is the first priority. While vaccinations have been rolled out, the rate of resuming to normal varies, it adds. As a result, Lenzing is developing a 7-day manual weekly checklist for followers to learn how to reduce carbon footprint and make the world a better place from the safety of their homes. The manual will highlight accomplishable little changes, including how and where to choose sustainable clothing.

Earth Month is always a valuable period to reflect on one’s own ecological footprints and consider ways to reduce any impact on the planet, Lenzing suggests. The Tencel brand is committed to supporting the fashion industry’s eco-movement and bringing sustainable choices for consumers, the company adds.

Please check out #checkwhatsgood campaign on the Tencel website and social media platforms from April 01, 2021 onwards, Lenzing concludes.

Tencel Earth Day 2021 website

One Tree Planted

Drip By Drip

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