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Shima Seiki YarnBank
Shima Seiki YarnBank

7th January 2019, London

Tengri Travel launched to help protect wildlife

Leading fair-trade luxury knitwear brand Tengri has summed up the busy and successful year 2018 and has announced plans for further growth of the Tengri community and promoting sustainable and responsible fashion.

“Last year was a year of exciting news, not least the launch of the Tengri Innovation Award. Huge congratulations to Henrietta Johns, winner of the award, and to our runners-up, Cecile Tulkens, Zoe Atkinson and Christopher Ehrlich,” commented Nancy Johnston, eco-luxury pioneer and founder of the house of Tengri.

L–R: Cecile Tulkens, Henrietta Johns, Nancy Johnston (Founder of Tengri), Zoe Atkinson and Christopher Ehrlich. © Tengri

The Tengri Innovation Award was launched in 2018 to encourage the implementation of sustainable fashion and textiles working towards a more sustainable industry standard and future. The award was open to final-year students of the Tengri Innovation Partnership, an initiative which includes some of the UK’s most influential academic and creative institutions. The winner of the Tengri Innovation Award 2018 was designer Henrietta Johns. Her work is rooted in a deep exploration of natural animal fibres and innovative designs using traditional felting techniques, creating new fabric surfaces with 100% animal fibre.

The company has also announced the new partnership with Essential Escapes to launch Tengri Travel, to do more to support herders’ livelihoods, land regeneration and protect wildlife and biodiversity. “Sourcing sustainable rare fibres for Tengri clothing and interiors takes us to remote corners of western Mongolia. Our in-depth, first-hand knowledge of this stunning landscape means we are uniquely positioned to offer fully immersive experiences, beyond the scope of traditional travel companies,” explained Ms Johnston.

A springtime journey offers participants behind-the-scenes access to the combing season, where the story of Tengri yarn begins. © Tengri

“To ensure you experience the truly authentic culture of the Khangai region, you will travel with an inspiring team of experts, ranging from global pioneers to local gurus, expedition chefs, wildlife trackers and storytellers. Their local knowledge and insights will reveal the intricate patterns and connections between the land, its people and wildlife.”

“In this rugged, unspoilt part of the world you’ll encounter nomadic herders – custodians of the majestic Khangai lands for countless generations – and indigenous animals such as the semi-wild Khangai yak, the sustainable source of Tengri’s fibres.”

A springtime journey offers participants behind-the-scenes access to the combing season, where the story of Tengri yarn begins. For summer visits, the trip includes the traditional Yak Festival, celebrating this noble beast in a colourful homage. The bespoke journey forms part of the brand’s wider nature conservancy project, supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society’s work in remote Mongolia.


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