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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

5th December 2008, Chemnitz

Terrot concludes contracts at India ITME despite downturn

German circular knitting machine builder Terrot reports good interest at India ITME where it was able to conclude contracts despite the global economic downturn which is badly affecting India’s knitting industry. Terrot says that the show, which was held from 15-22 November in Bangalore was the ideal opportunity for it and its partner Voltas to showcase the company’s latest innovations and technologies.

Visitors were demonstrated two recently designed and developed machines from the highly efficient and user-friendly new generation of open width machines as well as a new high production mattress machine. Terrot´s presentation was focussed on innovation, quality awareness, marketability and competitiveness.

The specifications of the machines exhibited are shown below:

S296-1 Open Width

Single-Jersey High Production with a new compact Open Width Frame

Diameter in inches - 30

Gauge E - 28

Number of feeders - 96

Machine speed in RPM- 35

Number of needle tracks -2

Knitting structure - Single-Jersey with Elastane

Yarn - CO Nm 60/1 (Ne 34s), Elastane dtex 22

Unfinished fabric weight g/m2 - 190

Unfinished fabric width in cm - 161

Production output m/h - 76

Production output kg/h - 23.3

As early as 1999 in Paris, Terrot was first to introduce a single jersey circular knitting machine where the tubular fabric was cut and wound up in open width condition directly in the machine. The improved new S296-1 is now available with a very compact open width frame which Terrot says offers very easy handling by the operator. Terrot claims that frame size reduction was demanded by the market for a long time. The speed factor for production conditions is 1050 (35 rpm in 30 inches).

UCC572M Electronically controlled Double-Jersey Jacquard machine

Diameter in inch - 38

Gauge E - 20

Number of feeders - 90

Machine speed in RPM - 19

Number of needle tracks - 2 (dial)

Knitting structure - Mattress Ticking

Yarn - PES dtex 110/1, PES dtex 660 (Lay-in, CO Nm 40/1 (Ne 24s)

Unfinished fabric weight g/m2 - 215

Unfinished fabric width in cm - 250

Production output (m/h) - 36.5

Production output (kg/h) - 19.5

Terrot says that, as most of the knitted fabrics for mattress tickings are at present produced by 38 inch machines with 60 feeders, with its new 90 feeders, the UCC572M will be in a class by itself with a productivity increase of 50 % and nearly 30 kg/h production output. With 3-way technique on all 90 feeders, the UCC572 M permits for unlimited kind of applications, Terrot says, and this model is unlike the competition, well proven under production conditions in many countries within the last year.

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