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20th September 2016, Sri Lanka

Textured Jersey executives on US investor roadshow

Textured Jersey Lanka is Sri Lanka’s leading producer of value-added knitted fabric. Moiz Rehmanjee and Rodney Arland, executives of Textured Jersey Lanka PLC, a quality knit fabrics producer, travelled to the US last week to meet global investment funds, as part of the company’s non-deal roadshow. Discussing the company’s future growth strategy, Rehmanjee, CEO for commercial, and Arland, CEO for marketing/business development, were hosted by institutional equities broker Decker & Co.

Textured Jersey Lanka is Sri Lanka’s leading producer of value-added knitted fabric, specializing in high quality, weft-knitted and dyed stretch fabrics. The firm is a major supplier to apparel manufacturers throughout Asia and well-known end-chain retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, and Intimissimo.

“Institutional investor interest in Asian emerging markets is especially focused on high-quality companies and the consumer sector,” said Mark Decker, founder and CEO of Decker & Co. “Textured Jersey Lanka is a prime example of an under-researched company with quality operations and growth prospects. We are honoured to host the firm for this non-deal roadshow.”

Growth strategy

Meeting topics included the company’s future growth strategy. Textured Jersey Lanka’s recent acquisition of Ocean India (OCI), a cotton mill based in Visakhapatnam, and Quenby Lanka Prints (QPL), helped the firm expand both knitting manufacturing and fabric printing capabilities.

The company’s growth strategy now includes plans to increase its percentage of value-added products from 25-30% currently to 40% of output, offering higher margins.

Textured Jersey Lanka

Textured Jersey Lanka’s history goes back nearly half a century, when its British roots gave it a solid grounding in the textile industry. The firm’s ownership changed hands in the year 2000 and the company entered a new era.

Among its shareholders are two of the most successful companies in the industry, Brandix Lanka and Pacific Textiles. Pacific Textiles is a Hong Kong-based company with one of the largest manufacturing facilities in China.

Expert in Asian markets

Decker & Co. is a leading Emerging and Frontier Asia specialist broker in the U.S. Decker & Co. which partners with leading local brokers in each market to provide US institutional investors access to the best local research and listed corporates.

The firm’s principals have been among the leading experts in Asian markets since the 1990s. The firm’s clearing partner is Convergex Execution Solutions.

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