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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

13th May 2013, Obertshausen

Third generation HKS 3 upgraded


German warp knitting machine builder Karl Mayer has launched new versions of its HKS 3-M and HKS 3-S tricot machines with completely new features.

With its latest upgrade, Karl Mayer has expanded the range of features on its high-speed, three-bar tricot machines. As of February 2013, the third generation of the HKS 3-M has not only been available in a working width of 210 inches, but also in widths of 180 and 130 inches. The extremely efficient and flexible machine is also available with frames for carrying 40 inch warp beams.

The Karl Mayer HKS 3-M

The HKS 3-S has also been expanded in the same way. The machine, which used to be known as the HKS 3-1, is now designated with an ‘S’ for ‘short stroke’ to fit in with the nomenclature of the HKS 3-M.

The 210 inch version has been part of the range for some time, but Karl Mayer is now offering the HKS 3-S with working widths of 180 and 130 inches as well. The first machines in this series will be available as of July 2013. In addition to the standard 3x32 inches frame arrangement, a frame for 3x40 inches warp beams will also be available then.

The latest version of the HKS 3 series will be available with all the usual features typical of Karl Mayer’s high-speed tricot machines.

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