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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

29th June 2017, Vila Nova de Cerveira

Tintex presents new Autumn/Winter 2019 jersey collection

Tintex, an industrial company based in the Porto region, presents a new campaign with contemporary images that signal the launch of the Autumn Winter 2019 jersey collection presented by CEO Mario Jorge.

Mario Jorge described the new Naturally Advanced position as “moving on from making beautiful organics and natural materials to the next level with advanced hybrid nature/hi-tech smarts, with added value creativity, thanks to focused investments that will serve and secure our customer demands both now and in the seasons to come”.

The autumn range features more than 80 new qualities and styles. © Tintex

“Tintex makes cutting edge, more sustainable, modern hybrid jersey fabrics with precision and technology for partners looking to make better, Naturally Advanced selections,” he explained. New crafted fabrics are said to upgrade the organic qualities to a new level, where performance is delivered thanks to Tintex dyeing and finishing specialist techniques.


The autumn range features more than 80 new qualities and styles designed to fit the needs of sportswear, underwear, athleisure and fashion sectors. According to Tintex, the collection uses more sustainable materials such as Tencel, organic cotton, naturally organic linen, organic wools, recycled and recovered smart materials including polyesters, nylons and now a new recycled stretch spandex too. The Collection has three focused jersey fabric concepts. “Timeless is a range of classic and transeasonal jersey fabrics upgraded with a new modernised appeal using perennial favourite colours with a twist,” the company reports.

Fashionable is where we consider four distinct looks that combine the contemporary with performance and style, focusing on the personality of the modern consumer and their preferences: The Intimate with pale vaporous tones blended with neutrals for a genderless appeal with superlight qualities; the Experientialist with darks mixed with dynamic virtual effects; the Instinctive where empathy with the natural environment inspires authentic textures and transeasonal developments in familiar colours; and the Expressive where an urban utilitarian neutral vibe mixes with iconic sports colours and techno contrasts.”

The autumn range features more than 80 new qualities and styles. © Tintex

Finally, Innovative is an advanced collection which crosses boundaries and assortments with hybrid technologies using engineered nature-tech blends and unique, patented formaldehyde free performance coatings to deliver futuristic and dynamic effects.

Innovation highlights

As proof of the Tintex endeavor to lead eco-innovations through ecotechnology, last season the Hightex Award came from the Munich Fabric Start Salon in recognition of the new B.Cork coating concept.

“This is a key ingredient in the Tintex approach to the circular economy,” the company explains. “It is supported by a fully commercialised, unique technology that begins with the sourcing of a pre-consumer cork waste material sourced directly from certified producer, Sedacor. Tintex then develops a new, patent pending hi-tech lamination of a water based coating that is completely formaldehyde and solvent free polymer conferring a great look with a natural, supersoft touch that is breathable and waterproof.”

B.Cork by Tintex. © Tintex

B.Cork can be applied to both knits and wovens, and works with all current Tintex smart fibre bases.

Other innovations

Some of the other innovations include superlight and sensorial 44 gauge jerseys in Supima cotton, MicroTencel and MicroModal; luxury jersey base layers in natural blends with Tencel, silk and cashmere; “interactive” jersey innovations; contrasting textured touches; slick double face structures and nature-tech fleeces in new dynamic colours; and a range of unique cork-waste coated innovations combining a subtle metallic look on a Tencel/ cotton base that is completely formaldehyde free.


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