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6th August 2009

Transducer with knitted structure

Applicant:           SMARTLIFE TECHNOLOGY LTD [GB]

Inventor(s):        TILAK DIAS [GB]; HURLEY WILLIAM [GB]

Abstract of GB 2456822 (A)

An electronic transducer comprises a knitted structure extendible in two dimensions defined by its courses and wales. An electro-conductive yarn 4 defines a single course in the structure adjacent non-conductive yarns 2, and is part of a circuit providing an indication of an electrical characteristic of the yarn. The structure may comprise a plurality of the conductive yarns used individually in series or in parallel. The structure may be such that extension in the course direction X causes separation of the loops and extension in the wale direction Y urges loops together to cause a short and consequential reduction of resistance of the electro-conductive course. Alternatively the non-conductive yarns may be of low modulus or elastomeric which are extended during knitting to result in a structure in which successive loops of the electro-conductive yarn are urged against one another (Fig 2). The electrical characteristic of the electro-conductive yarn may be resistance, piezoelectric, capacitive or inductive.

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Transducer with knitted structure

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