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Carlo Volpi

Knit Blog

11th October 2013, London

Trip down the memory lane

It's tidy up time today...I would love to have the flexibility of working in a proper studio but unfortunately such a privilege is only reserved to those who don't pay rent or have more money than I do!

I work mainly from a spare room in my flat, which is great (having a spare room in London is also a privilege), but you tend to accumulate lots of stuff that gets buried under piles of boxes and that eventually you forget about.

© Carlo Volpi

I have several boxes full of swatches that I really can't throw away but that really have no purpose at all, some friends suggested I made a blanket out of them but in my very modest opinion, that would almost be the same as making a tea towel with a Bridget Riley painting. Only joking!

© Carlo Volpi

Still, the blanket idea is not an option. I thought showing them on here is a much better solution, even though these swatches are only small tests to try out yarns and stitches they are an almost invisible part of the design process, often the most exciting and unexpected.

© Carlo Volpi

Some of these fabrics are quite old, some of them are from the work I did for Pitti Filati last year.

© Carlo Volpi

I still have plenty more that I will eventually dig out from the forgotten depths of my belongings and share with you, I hope you enjoy them!

© Carlo Volpi

© Carlo Volpi

© Carlo Volpi


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