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Triumph brand launches online shop

Arvato SCM Solutions has developed a stand-alone online shop for a Triumph underwear brand sloggi.

9th October 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Gütersloh

Intimate Apparel

Arvato SCM Solutions has developed a stand-alone online shop for a Triumph underwear brand sloggi, which is now presenting itself completely independently online.

The full-service e-commerce service provider now supports the strategy for the establishment and distribution of two independent global brands by the Swiss lingerie manufacturer, who founded the sloggi brand in 1979.


The new online shop has been launched simultaneously in four countries and is, like the Triumph online shop, tailored to all devices. “The new sloggi online shop has gone live in our most important sloggi markets Germany, UK, Austria and France, within less than three and a half months,” said Tilman Galler, Head of E-Commerce at Triumph. “This extremely short project lead time was only possible due to smooth project management and an exceptional cooperation between all involved parties.”

By the end of the year, the rollout will have taken place in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. Triumph relies on Arvato’s full-service e-commerce package, which extends from shop development and frontend management of the online shop to transport management, as well as customer and financial services.


In addition to the responsive design, special attention has been paid to functionalities such as automatic gender-specific content control. The development of the sloggi online shop was based on the same platform as Triumph, which has been running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) since 2011.

The cross-platform synergies resulting from this approach during implementation had a decisive impact on the extremely short project duration of only three and a half months, according to the manufacturer.

“With the sloggi shop, we are successfully implementing the frontend development on Salesforce Commerce Cloud for another Triumph brand and are also managing the day-to-day business for sloggi end-to-end,” explained Jeanine Schneider, the responsible Key Account Director at Arvato SCM Solutions. “We are naturally happy to support our customer’s rapid internationalisation and are proud to have raised our strategic partnership to a whole new level.”

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