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1st April 2009, Istanbul

Turkish fibre producer ceases tulle production


Sifas A.S., a leading synthetic fibre producer in Turkey, has decided to cease production of raschel knitted tulle fabrics. During its Executive Council meeting on March 30th, the company decided to close its tulle fabric knitting factory as a measure against the global economic crisis, a statement from Sifas said last Wednesday.

Sifas A.S. is a manufacturer of bright, dull and dyed filament yarns from polyester and polyamide. The company also manufactures jacquard knitted tulle fabric and is equipped with Karl Mayer electronic jacquard knitting machines in 14, 18 and 24 gauge. 1600 tons of jacquard tulle per year was produced at the factory.

Sifas began jacquard tulle manufacture on Karl Mayer jacquard machines in 1968 using its own yarn. The panels and continuous fabrics of jacquard tulle knitted in its plants were finished by its sister company Yesim and then mainly exported to Russia, USA and EU countries.

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