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29th June 2010, Istanbul

Turkish knitter launches sustainable seamless collection

Turkish knitter Eurotex Tekstil has introduced the world’s first seamless garments made from Biophyl sustainable yarns in its ‘Green is Smart’ collection. The new collection includes eco-active base layers with zonal patterns and elastic recovery properties for both men and women.

Eurotex has developed the seamless garment collection in line with its mission to ‘increase human comfort and welfare with state-of-art products’ and uses Santoni seamless technology to create garments that fully adopt to the body shape and offer the same elasticity in all zones, whilst eliminating potentially problematic seams. In addition, the company says, a single garment size permits a wider range of fit for different body shapes because of its higher elasticity compared to standard knitted fabrics.

Eurotex says it has learned that Biophyl is the perfect material for the production of such garments and offers inherent softness in the fabric itself and as seamless garments do not have annoying stitches at the arms, shoulders and neck lines, this combination provides for a sensational new soft feel and movement freedom to the wearer.

Özlem Gündüz, Sales Executive at Eurotex, says: “We are a company that operates in Europe and the US . The customers in these markets are very demanding, not only in product quality, but increasingly also ask for environmental friendly textiles. With the Biophyl seamless garments we can satisfy the needs for qualitative, comfortable and ecological textiles without compromises.”

According to Advansa, the yarns used in Biophyl fabrics are made with sustainable components that are based on renewable resources and produced in biological processes. In comparison to standard polyester and nylon, which Biophyl is an alternative to, CO2 output associated with production of the polymer is up to 63% lower, the company says. Advansa says this contributes to reduction of the greenhouse effect and simultaneous energy savings of up to 30% conserves additional resources. Further energy savings during dyeing and finishing complete the positive image of this product, the company adds.

“We are pleased with Eurotex´s approach, as this widens the portfolio of available Biophyl products into a sector with increasing market potential. This is a win-win-win situation for the producing textile industry, the consumers and the environment,” said Luciano Colasanto, Advansa’s Market Manager for Biophyl.

Advansa will be presenting various Biophyl collections at the Outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen, from 15 – 18 July, in Hall A4 207.

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