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21st February 2017, Istanbul

Turkish specialist breathes new life into old circular knitting machines

Vahdet Tekstil Makina, an Istanbul, Turkey based textile machinery specialist, has successfully developed a process, which allows converting conventional tubular circular knitting machines into open width knitting machines. The company says it has converted more than 500 knitting machines internationally to date. The innovative process has been certified with the Utility Model Certificate by the Turkish Patent Institute.

According to the manufacturer, the conversion of used tubular machines into open width machines helps achieve better energy and time efficiency and increased fabric production, as well as higher performance.

The company converts various kinds of circular knitting machines. © Vahdet Tekstil Makina

The machine almost becomes new again, due to the newly installed takedown system, machine doors and legs, the manufacturer reports. The company converts various kinds of circular knitting machines, including fleece, rib, interlock and plush knitting machines. “We make improvement in our product service network every year,” the company reports.

Leading spare parts supplier

The company, founded in 1986, is also a leading supplier of high quality spare parts and technical support services for the knitting machinery manufacturers. The company’s wide product portfolio includes spare parts for Mayer & Cie., Terrot, Orizio and Pilotelli knitting machines, as well as a wide range of creel stands for circular knitting machines, high quality cams and yarn carriers, and socks creel stands and accessories.

Up to now, the company has converted more than 500 knitting machines. © Vahdet Tekstil Makina

The company was reorganised in 2004 in order to maintain its position of a leading quality service provider. The manufacturer formed regional sales teams, adding a Marketing and Sales Department to the already existing departments, which include Creel Stands, Cams and Yarn Carriers, Maintanence and Hardware Store.

According to the manufacturer, the conversion helps achieve better energy and time efficiency. © Vahdet Tekstil Makina

With its sales offices, and showrooms located in Istanbul, the company aims to serve the increasing needs and requirements of the knitting machinery producers worldwide, and continue developing technological potential in Turkey. It has recently invested in additional technology (CNC Vertical Milling Machines and CNC Wire EDM Machine) for the production of better quality spare parts for circular knitting machines.


Further information

Address: Sanayi Mah. Kayalar Sok. No:33/1-2 Güngören, İstanbul

tel.: 0212 637 90 85

fax: 0212 637 89 35

email: [email protected]

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