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Flat Knitting

UK manufacturer invests in Shima WideGauge technology

Despite the global pandemic, Manchester based Zam Zam Knitwear has invested in new flat knitting technology to help boost its competitive edge.

28th April 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Manchester, UK


UK based Zam Zam Knitwear Ltd has invested in a number of brand new Shima Seiki flat knitting machines in order to continue to provide its customers with greater patterning capabilities and improve product flexibility, and boosting its competitive edge.

Located in Ardwick in central Manchester, an area well known for its knitwear factories, Zam Zam was founded in 2005 by Falak Sher and Pervaz Chaudhry. Concentrating on providing good service to a number of key customers, the company has focussed on introducing new knitting techniques and style flexibility within its product range as trends have changed over the years.

In order better serve its customers, Zam Zam has invested in 10 of the latest Shima Seiki ‘WideGauge’ machines which will allow it to cover a variety of gauges on the same machine, as well as realise improved knitting times, garment shaping and achieve overall improvements in machine performance.

The machines were supplied by Castle Donnington, Derby based Shima Seiki Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd., a world leading manufacturer of advanced flat knitting machines and design systems.

Mr Sher and Mr Chaudhry are pictured above with their new machines all running in production.

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