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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

16th July 2018, London

UK shoppers choose natural materials

Eight three percent of UK consumers say that cotton and cotton blends are the fibres they want in the clothing they wear most often.New research released by Cotton USA reveals the latest shopping habits of UK consumers – including where and how consumers buy products, their financial optimism, qualities that motivate purchase decisions, and material preferences.

The findings, from Cotton USA’s Global Lifestyle Monitor (GLM), show that Brits are continuing to shun man-made materials in favour of natural, high-quality fibres. Of those who said they would avoid buying certain materials, 28% of people refuse to buy polyester, 17% avoid synthetic acrylics, and 2% avoid rayon and viscose.

Additionally, when asked who or what is most responsible for garments made in a non-environmentally friendly way, manufacturers received the most blame from UK consumers (40%). This was followed by brands (21%) and the consumers themselves (17%).

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