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Other - HT dyeing machine SCLAVOS ATHENA2 500H

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  • ManufacturerOther
  • ModelHT dyeing machine SCLAVOS ATHENA2 500H
  • CategoryDyeing & Finishing Machines
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    Re: AVD/190508-01

    No. 1 HT dyeing machine SCLAVOS, model ATHENA2 500H, 2 port, capacity 500 Kgs, controller SEDOMAT 5500, Seam Detector SD2005, almost brand new, equipped with full options as under:
    - 2 chemicals addition tanks
    - Dry Salt Logistics type DSL500F, year 2007, for dry salt handling and dosing in to the dyeing bath at any required linear rate without any predilution in the Add Tank
    - pH-TDS Unit type pH-Tds M+R, year 2007, for measuring and recording pH & TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) values at any required step of the process, resulting to Better efficiency due to higher repeatability, Savings due to better dyestuff utilization, Low water and energy consumption due to lower quantities of unfixed dyestuff, Fast identification of shade problems due to fully recorded data, Faster washing process
    - pH Automatic Control (pHAC), year 2007, for full control of the pH value through accurate correction. The additional advantages are: Higher saving achieved due to fully automated correction, Increased productivity as no human intervention is needed.
    - Heat Recovery System (SHR), for energy saving from the hot effluent. Athena 2 machine, due to the Aquachron 2G continuous washing system, discharges all the hot drained effluent through the SHR. - The incoming fresh cold water flows also through the SHR and is heated up by the recovered energy.

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