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14th December 2010, Frankfurt

VDMA awards Germany's young textile engineers

VDMA's young German engineersVDMA’s Foundation of the German Textile Machinery Industry has honoured three successful junior engineers in an award ceremony held as the closing event of the VDMA Textile Machinery Forum at Groz-Beckert’s headquarters in Albstadt-Ebingen.

executive partner of Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG and Board member of the Foundation presented the awards. In her celebratory speech at Groz Beckert’s new Technology and Development Center (TEZ), Brückner underlined the importance of supporting talented engineers:

“Innovation capability is the mainstay of the German textile machinery industry and is essential to be the decisive step ahead of second-tier competitors in growing markets. For being able to make the most of this talent also in future, we need well trained engineers”, Brückner explained. “For this reason the board of the foundation understands its main task in making as many students as possible get a sense of the fascination of textiles and textile machinery,” Brückner said.

VDMA’s Foundation prizes 2010 are each endowed with 10,000 Euro. In the categories Dissertation and Diploma, young engineers of the Institute for Textile Technology and Process Engineering in Denkendorf were honoured. The creativity award was given to an engineering student at the Institute of Textile Machinery at the Technical University of Dresden.

Walter Reiners-Stiftung (Foundation) – Promoting Talents

With the Walter Reiners-Stiftung the VDMA Textile Machinery Association is actively engaged in promoting junior engineers. Each year, the foundation provides an incentive for top performers by granting two promotion prizes for dissertations and master/diploma thesis as well as one creativity prize for seminar papers. Students regularly gain an insight into practice with excursions to member companies and to the leading textile exhibition ITMA, which are financially supported by the foundation. Particularly high-performing students are supported by scholarships.

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