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27th November 2013, Boennigheim

V-ZUG receives quality label for Refresh Butler device

Extensive instrumental analyses as well as professionally trained human test sniffers (or panellists) are required to provide a well-founded sensory evaluation of negative or positive odours emitted by textiles. © Hohenstein InstituteV-ZUG AG from Zug, Switzerland, that develops and produces high quality appliances for the kitchen and laundry room, was awarded the quality label of the Hohenstein Institute for their product Refresh Butler.

The device is said to refresh textiles without washing while the new technology also actively reduces microorganisms.

The Hohenstein Quality Label ‘Innovative Technology’ documents that a product has been extensively and independently tested with regard to both functionality and innovation potential.

Refresh Butler

The Refresh-Butler is said to deal with unpleasant food odours or folds and creases in a garment. High quality fabrics can now enjoy refresh, anti-crease, sanitise and drying treatment at home using photocatalysis, the company reports.

The Refresh Butler combines four functions in one appliance. The Refresh function featuring the photocatalysis process employs steam to neutralise cooking odours like grease and cigarette smoke to leave a far more pleasant smell. Steam is also used to visibly reduce folds and creases in suits, dresses, blouses and shirts.

If the additional Sanitise programme is selected, the Refresh Butler is said to almost completely remove germs. The Drying function takes care of the energy-saving drying of soaking wet fabrics. The appliance can be set up as a free-standing unit or as a built-in version in a wardrobe featuring a customer-selected finish.

Odour testing

To test efficiency, the experts at the Hohenstein Institute first developed an interdisciplinary testing scheme for verifying the advertised properties of the device, such as reduction of bad odours and germs in clothing.

The sensory team applied different unpleasant odours to sample textiles to evaluate the efficiency of the device. One of the substances used is a special sweat odour simulant. It was specially developed at the Hohenstein Institute for applying a strong sweat odour to textiles.

Cold cigarette smoke was used in further experiments. The efficiency of the Refresh Butler was always compared to airing the textiles in fresh air over the same time period. After two hours of processing time in the device or airing time, the smell of clothes had to undergo strict testing.

Microbiological examinations

Microbiological examinations determined which effect the treatment in the Refresh Butler has on bacteria. The Hohenstein experts applied a defined mixture of different bacteria to the selected sample textiles.

These included germs which cause unpleasant body odour in humans. The microbiologists then compared the quantity and composition of the bacteria after the treatment in the Refresh Butler and after airing.

The extensive laboratory examinations showed that treating textiles in the Refresh Butler device is superior to airing for reducing both unpleasant odours and germs.


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