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Warp Knitting/​Crochet

Betaspun yarns brings wool to warp knitting

Südwolle’s Yarn in Motion SS 2025 Collection is versatile and suitable for seamless and warp knitting technologies, opening up endless possibilities for designers.

2nd October 2023

Knitting Industry
 |  Nuremberg, Germany

Knitted Outerwear

Südwolle Group has unveiled its latest Yarn in Motion Spring Summer 2025 collection featuring Betaspun yarns. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what yarn can achieve, the collection is set to revolutionise the textile industry according to Südwolle Group.

Südwolle says that Betaspun yarns bring forth a new era in fabric design and creation, offering exceptional properties that elevate the quality of textile products:

- Significant strength boost: Betaspun yarns provide unmatched strength, making them ideal for products designed to endure rigorous use

- Extra abrasion resistance: With superior abrasion resistance, these yarns are built to withstand the test of time and repeated wear

- Better pilling performance: Betaspun yarns exhibit excellent pilling resistance, ensuring that your creations maintain their pristine appearance

- Clean Surface with Polyamide: Featuring a clean surface blended with Polyamide, these yarns enhance the aesthetics of textiles

- Fine Yarn for Lightweight Applications: Betaspun yarns offer finesse in their composition, making them perfect for crafting lightweight textiles

- Perfect for seamless and warp knitting: These yarns are versatile, suitable for seamless and warp knitting techniques, opening up endless possibilities for designers

Warp knitting, traditionally dominated by filaments, has now been transformed by Betaspun yarns, the company says. Roberto Circelli, Product Manager at Yarn in Motion, shares his excitement: "Warp knitting in wool is quite a revolution - and that's thanks to Betaspun. It's my favourite yarn because it has limitless applications. Warp knitting demands tremendous strength due to the high-speed movement of looms, and until now, it was primarily associated with filaments. Betaspun yarns are changing the game by introducing wool into the equation, although the speed may need to be adjusted compared to filament weaving."

© Südwolle Group

The flagship yarn in this collection, Hermosillo Betaspun Nm 100/1 & 100/2, boasts an impressive composition of 79% Merino wool (16.2μ) and 21% Polyamide filament (22dtex). The Betaspun trademark is currently pending registration.

The strength and versatility of Betaspun yarns enable the development of complex knitting structures, resulting in garments that are exceptionally resistant yet lightweight. These properties make them ideal for various products, ranging from base-layers to jackets, backpacks, shoes, and more, the company says.

Südwolle Group is also conducting initial trials for swimwear, demonstrating the adaptability of Betaspun yarns across diverse applications.

Südwolle Group is a global producer of worsted yarn in pure wool and wool blends for weaving, circular and flat knitting and for technical applications. The company’s collections Südwolle, Biella Yarn, Yarn in Motion, Richter, Stöhr and Soey are focused on different segments of the global textile market. Located in the Nuremberg metropolitan area of Germany, Südwolle Group employs more than 3000 people globally with production facilities in Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, China and Vietnam.

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