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Warp Knitting/​Crochet

Cifra’s Urban Panorama at Milano Unica

Leading Italian knitted fabrics producers will showcase its new hybrid sports and city wear collection.

12th July 2022

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Knitted Outerwear, Sports/​Activewear

Milan based warp knit seamless (WKS) specialist Cifra will be presenting the concept collection Urban Panorama at Milano Unica from 12-14 July. Urban Panorama is a hybrid project which matches the performance and comfort of sports derived WKS technology to the more urban style of daily wear.

Merino wool and Tencel combined with the latest generation of sustainable yarns will ensure total comfort at any time of the day, the Italian company says.

“If it is true, as it is, that clothing is increasingly shifting towards sportswear by absorbing its technicality and versatility, Urban Panorama aims at emphasizing its identity towards a new concept of city wear which originates from a deep expertise in the sports and athleisure world supported by a high design content,” Cifra CEO Cesare Citterio explains.

© Cifra

“Fluid, inclusive, technological and sustainable, Urban Panorama stands out as an innovative solution inside a sector undergoing profound revolution and in search of new languages and, above all, content.”

“Like for the entire production, the Urban Panorama collection is making sustainability a cornerstone in this industry too. A stance that starts with the company structure up to the selection of the most innovative green yarns through the vertical reduction of processing waste. A genuine commitment undertaken by means of revolutionary choices that today place Cifra among the most virtuous weaving mills in Europe,” Mr Citterio concludes.

Event details

Milano Unica

12-14 July

Milan, Italy


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