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Conscious tech: ready-to-wear collection from Eurojersey

The ideal fabrics for creating easy-care outfits for a dynamic lifestyle

14th January 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Italy

Knitted Outerwear, Intimate Apparel, Sports/​Activewear

Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey has launched a new collection called conscious tech. “A new feeling, a new sensation of rediscovered wellbeing packed with optimism and pronounced spontaneity for multifunctional fabrics endowed with sustainable and innovative technical performances,” is how the Italian company describes the collection.

“Crease-resistant and breathable Sensitive Fabrics follow the body shape to confer maximum comfort, adapting to each movement in perfect synchrony with the most diversified everyday activities, thanks to their three-dimensional elasticity.  Easy to care for and machine washable, they are quick drying and wrinkle-free, without any need for ironing.”

“The ideal fabrics for creating easy-care outfits for a dynamic lifestyle, for living in total comfort in any context, whether downtown or on the road, without any compromise in terms of fashion. In fact, digital printing enhances prints and decorative details which, thanks to 3D Print technology, manages to create patterns and natural looking textures as well as photographic effects. Colours and graphic designs are printed onto the ultra-flat surface of Sensitive Fabrics with a perfect chromatic rendering and a three-dimensional optical illusion.”

“All Sensitive Fabrics collections spring from the same virtuous industrial model able to promote a set of good practices and technologies which reduce the use of water, energy resources, chemical products and waste,” the company explains.

Eurojersey says it was the first company in the textile industry to declare its environmental footprint called PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), expressed in 16 indicators, with PEF 010/19 Certification awarded by Certiquality in April 2019.

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