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28th December 2016, Seoul

Creora releases 2018 activewear trends

Hyosung, a leading spandex producer, has released its creora brand’s activewear fabric trends for 2018, celebrating fashion combined with functionality and high performance. The trends are divided into four distinct topics called Nourish it!, Work it!, Own it!, and Live it!

Nourish it!

This trend direction combines wellbeing and harmony with performance and functionality. Natural touch fabrics aim to deliver a welcoming embrace, enhanced by discreet function from the inclusion of creora spandex. Quick dry, moisture management fabrics help enhance the performance, while featherweight power stretch compression knits deliver a smooth silhouette. The fabrics feature a soft, velvety, brushed touch.

Nourish it! © Hyosung

From powdery touch to smooth marblesque surfaces, colour becomes an integral part of this direction. Fabric structures pull from the relief of coral through to the hexagonal aspect of honeycomb. A raw and irregular appeal features as this direction doesn’t have to have perfect surfaces. Instead, they are optically enhanced through contrasting yarns to create an illusive textural effect. Prints also play a key role.

Work it!

In this direction, fashion, function and fit interact with the body, complimented with an explosion of colour and textures in pushing performance to new heights, creating an exhilarating experience all round for the wearer. The performance is enhanced by moisture management, quick dry and compression, which are key to getting the most out of high impact activities.

Work it! © Hyosung

The direction is racy and exciting. Multi-functional fabric structure ranges from compact and precise through to textured on the technical side for a micro massaging effect. Mix and match solid fabrics and prints, as well as the use of vibrant colours, are said to enhance the look, combined with a stronger feminine style through cut out and inserts.

Own it!

This direction is focused on the intense workout arena, pushing forward the premium elements of activewear. It is tough, robust and protective with comfort and lighter weight qualities featuring for the first time. creora Power Fit leads the way, as compression fabrics embrace the muscular structure of the body in generating hardcore fabrics that will withstand the physical elements and aid the wearer in beating the most severe obstacles and enduring the most extreme of sports.

Own it! © Hyosung

Through the interaction of the body and the multi-functional fabrics, this direction aims to meet the demands of active people. It is tough and resistant, not just in structure but also in colour palette. Colours are deep, contrasting with sharp tones. Warp knits feature in clean cut finishes, eliminating uncomfortable seams, with heat bonding replacing traditional cut and sew. Fabrics feature laminated prints, innovative structures and punch out effects.

Live it!

Fashion and functionality come into the foray on the activewear front as the desire for comfort continues to grow. This direction takes the core performance ingredients and works them into an urban sports direction, as well as delivering to the growing athleisure market. For summer, the desired features include quick dry and cool touch, whilst for winter it is thermal aspects, both seasons teaming with creora spandex/elastane.

Live it! © Hyosung

Denim, both knitted and woven, creates a ubiquitous street style that goes functional with thermal fibres teaming with spandex/elastane for a svelte, flexible and durable finish. This direction also takes on a serious active approach as bi-stretch denim knits and shaping jog jeans deliver an alternative option to the dedicated sports aficionados who want a different look.


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