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Eurojersey publishes Footprint Report 2020

With its first Footprint Report, company describes the vision that has guided its sustainability project, looking at the year 2020 in particular.

21st October 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Caronno Pertusella (VA), Italy

Sports/​Activewear, Swimwear/​Beachwear

The Company report that outlines the strategies put in place to limit the negative and maximise the positive impacts of the supply chain as well as the results achieved with commitment and satisfaction.

Eurojersey says it has always been committed to sustainability, seeking to improve the production system of its Sensitive Fabrics by optimising processes and the use of resources.

A challenge that began in 2007 with the introduction of the SensitivEcoSystem programme, a holistic vision in the choice of measures designed to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals and the production of emissions and waste, triggering a series of worthy behaviours from transparency to a sense of responsibility that have involved every aspect of company life.

Eurojersey is a textiles companies that has chosen to keep every phase of its integrated production process in Italy, from knitting to dyeing, and from finishing to printing, coordinating with commitment the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the process.

With its first Footprint Report, the company describes the vision that has guided its sustainability project, looking in particular at the year 2020, characterised by an unprecedented economic and, above all, health crisis. Despite the pandemic, Eurojersey has been able to place responsibility towards the environment, society and people at the heart of its strategy.

Eurojersey's Footprint Report 2020 communicates in a simple and direct way the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) footprint of the company with a focus on environmental aspects and the main strategies and actions implemented to mitigate the negative impacts related to the production process, while maximising the positive ones.

The results obtained, thanks to the SensitivEcoSystem programme and reported in the Footprint Report, are intended as an invitation and a stimulus to maintain an open dialogue and collaboration with all the bodies and individuals the Company deals with on these issues in order to create collective value.

As Andrea Crespi, General Manager of Eurojersey says: “For us, the ‘how’ we produce is even more important than the ‘what’ we produce.”

The Footprint Report 2020 is available on the Eurojersey website, where you can browse, zoom pages, view full screen, share and download the PDF document.

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