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Intimissimi launches Nature’s Dream sustainable lingerie collection

The famous lingerie brand gives an edge of responsible innovation with Tessitura Colombo recycled and plant-based coloured ingredients.

9th March 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan

Intimate Apparel

When it comes to lingerie, the idea of experience, design and quality of products immediately comes up to our mind, says fibre maker Asahi Kasei. And when premium underwear ingredients come together to create a sustainable and innovative line, the result is nothing short of amazing and extraordinary, the company says.

This is the case with Intimissimi, renowned lingerie brand, constantly engaged in research and development of innovative collections expressed through its performances where more and more they are becoming responsible innovations examples: for this collection, the lingerie brand has selected made in Italy ingredients of Tessitura Colombo, a lace manufacturer that has always prioritized the protection of the environment and natural resources, it adds.

Nature's Dream, coming to stores this spring, is the name of the new line that wants to be inspired by nature and where sustainability is fully integrated throughout premium recycled ingredients and natural plant dyed process, according to Asahi Kasei. Nature's Dream is part of the sustainable families of the #intimissimicares collection, that is created to comply with short and long-term sustainability objectives: attention to the usage of natural resources, protection of the environment, control of the supply chain and choice of sustainable fibres, just to name a few.

Body from the new collection ‘Nature’s Dream’ by Intimissimi, with Tessitura Colombo laces containing Roica EF. © Asahi Kasei.

The collection's holistic approach to sustainability starts with its components: laces are made with certified recycled solutions as polyamide Q-Nova by Fulgar, an environmentally sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre with premium sustainable recycled stretch fibre Roica EF by Asahi Kasei that on top of recycled dimension gives superior comfort and a performance fit.

Not only are the ingredients able to make this line sustainably innovative and beautiful, but also the values of respect for nature that totally drive and inspire towards a responsible recipe, Ashai Kasei explains. Indeed, it adds, the last adding element of the sustainable solution consists in colour technology: the lace colouring technology is carried out with 100% vegetable dyes and this is the very first Intimissimi family coloured with plant-based and GMO-free dyes. This procedure, which the company says, provides a significant saving of water, allows the regenerated yarns to be coloured according to the shades derived from certain plants. The call to nature is true and real: among the colours used we can find the Gallnut with an intense cream tone, the Chestnut that gives a golden beige colour, up to the intensity of Chlorophyll, it concludes.

As a final outcome, Intimissimi is able to take these responsible ingredients and throughout its heritage and garment craftsmanship creates a contemporary responsible collection that follows Intimissimi taste, featuring a crochet effect and versatile models suitable for all occasions. Nature, technology and design are the three elements that Intimissimi with Tessitura Colombo laces has placed at the heart of this responsible vision.

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