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Luminous sculptures with Sensitive Fabrics capture attention

Iconic creations are sculpted in tubular elements, artfully modelled thanks to the versatility and shape retention properties of Sensitive Fabrics.

20th March 2018

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan


Luminous sculptures, whose evocative prints are evidenced by a diffused light extending the full length of their surfaces and born of a partnership between Lighting Designer Adriana Lohmann and Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey, will be presented during the Milan Design Week, next month.

Iconic creations are sculpted in tubular elements, columns of light are entirely hand-made and artfully modelled thanks to the versatility and shape retention properties of Sensitive Fabrics, in a fusion between fashion and interior design. 

The light digs out grooves in the compact even surface of the fabrics, while enhancing their colours and creating imaginary scenarios thanks to 3D printing effects inspired by the geometric patterns in vogue in the 70’s and the motifs of oriental manual dyeing techniques.

“Adriana Lohmann’s creative flair and the high-performing characteristics of Sensitive Fabrics become form and substance, breathing life into eclectic and revolutionary luminous objects whose flexuous profiles adorn interior spaces,” Eurojersey comments. “The Guardiani by Adriana Lohmann become design objects of feminine allure and refined versatility, which usher in a new decorative era and enable solutions of spectacular luminous effects for integration with interior design.”

Adriana Lohmann is a lighting designer, who creates chandeliers and luminous sculptures that are glamorous, but also eco-sustainable, characterised by influences from the fashion world, bio-design and by research into new applications for the noblest of materials. She designs and produces lighting fixtures of great visual impact and eclectic design, made from exclusive materials.

The lighting designer Adriana Lohmann. © Eurojersey

Her creations are entirely hand-made and comprise collections for domestic interiors, as well as unique works, even of considerable dimensions, destined for public spaces, hotels or contexts with particular scenic requirements. Adriana likes to define her workshop in Limido Comasco as an authentic “Fashion Atelier of Light” and she collaborates with the brands operating in the fashion, design and hospitality industries, such as Fiorucci, Minotti, La Murrina, Baccarat and Hilton Hotels.

Eurojersey, founded in1960, represents the typical Italian style and creative flair in the warp-knit sector interpreted by patented Sensitive Fabrics range. Ideal for a number of applications in the sportswear, apparel, swimwear, underwear and interior design sectors, they offer quality, good look, functionality and versatility. Furniture designers, such as Luca Boffi and Cappellini, have collaborated with the company.

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