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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

23rd April 2018, Indonesia

Step towards automation with ThreadSol’s intelloCut

Sumbiri, an Indonesian lingerie brand, has implemented ThreadSol’s flagship product intelloCut at the company’s factory Pt. Sumber Bintang Rejeki, with an aim of holistic tracking of the fabric and boosting its top-line growth. 

Headquartered in Singapore, ThreadSol develops innovative technology for the apparel industry. “intelloCut is an AI based fabric planning solution, which helps manufacturers boost their top line by helping them cut more garments with the same amount of fabric,” the company explains.

Sumbiri implemented ThreadSol’s flagship product intelloCut at the company’s factory Pt. Sumber Bintang Rejeki. © ThreadSol

PT. Sumber Bintang Rejeki is one of the most reputed lingerie manufacturers in Indonesia. Established in 2001, the factory boasts modern warp knit and circular knit machines, as well as a full range of dyeing, finishing and printing facilities.

“ThreadSol’s intelloCut has facilitated comprehensive style-based and order-based fabric tracking without any manual efforts,” the manufacturer commented. The intelloGreen Tab App made it possible for Sumbiri to record the fabric used on the cutting floor. intelloCut also replaced its manual reporting systems with automated reporting systems. The teams are now spared of the manual efforts in calculating daily cutting, checking lay slips, etc.

“intelloCut is our additional step towards automation on the cutting floor. After the implementation of IntelloCut, our factory now has a complete track of fabric, and the exact on floor wastage,” said Marinee Yuprapan, owner, PT. Sumber Bintang Rejeki (Sumbiri, Indonesia). “It is easier to analyse the gap between buying and achieved consumption.”

“It was a pleasure to work with such a great team lead by Ms. Marinee Yuprapan. Their ability and dedication to learn the software were one of the key contributors to a successful implementation,” added Threadsol’s Sales Director, Indonesia, Ankit Awasthi.

ThreadSol’s products, IntelloCut and IntelloBuy, together offer a complete Enterprise Material Management system that is designed to assist manufacturers in saving their fabric costs while boosting their top line and bottom line by up to 10%.

ThreadSol was established in 2012 and now has offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Jakarta, Colombo, Istanbul, Ho Chi Minh City and Dhaka. It serves more than 120 customers in 15 geographies. ThreadSol solutions – intelloCut and intelloBuy – are currently used by manufacturers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines and China.


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