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29th May 2015, Frankfurt

World’s finest and lightest technical knits shown at Techtextil

Leading knitted fabrics producer Willy Hermann showcased a wide range of technological and product innovations under its Superfine brand at this year’s Techtextil exhibition, which took place in Frankfurt earlier this month.

The Hard, Austria based circular and warp knitter offered novel fine gauge fabrics in gauges E44 to E80 including single jersey, double jersey, interlock, fine rib, jacquard and warp knitted fabrics for an extensive range of technical applications.

Willy Hermann Superfine products are widely recognised as some of the world’s highest quality, finest and lightest knitted fabrics.

Superfine’s Ralph Hermann was delighted with response to the company’s technical knits at this month’s Techtextil.

Speaking from the company’s booth in Frankfurt on the third day of Techtextil, Superfine’s Ralph Hermann said: “The response at Techtextil has been really good. We have had lots of interest from new and existing customers in our fabrics and many requests for new developments.”

Superfine fabrics are extremely fine with a high stitch density and a homogenous surface. They are also very compact and thin with the fabrics’ courses and wales being almost invisible to the human eye. The company, which was established in 1934, produces fabrics in both natural and synthetic fibres and in elastic and non-elastic formats. Fabrics are given highly elastic properties by combining elastane with other materials.

Multiple applications

Superfine fabrics are offered for many applications including functional apparel, future apparel, medical devices, air and water filtration, protective clothing and active wear.

At Techtextil the company showed a range of lightweight FR fabrics, some as light as 44gsm which use very fine yarns where the idea is to provide the same protection levels at half the weight of normal fabrics. Intimate blends with Nomex and Kevlar and carbon for its anti-static properties were also shown.

World’s finest steel fabric

To demonstrate its ultra fine knitting capability with unconventional materials the company also showed a range of steel fabrics for both reinforcement and electro-magnetic shielding applications. The fabric depicted below (MT6661) is made from 100% high-grade steel and weighs just 30gsm.

According to Ralph Hermann it is the finest steel fabric in the market and it is also available in stretch format with elastane.

Superfine fabrics for reinforcement and electro-magnetic shielding applications made from 100% high grade steel and weighing just 30gsm.

Also on show was a uniform carbon-polyamide fabric with a single warp thread in a different coloured yarn. “We can insert anything including optical cables into fabrics in warp or weft directions or both,” Ralph Hermann said.

Another development for the sports shoe industry showed a spacer fabric being used to pad the heel of a shoe. Many of the company’s developments are customer related and therefore were not on show but it also does its own developments to demonstrate its capability.

The Willy Hermann Superfine fabrics offer includes:

  • Fine gauge circular and warp knitted fabrics
  • Natural and synthetic fibre application
  • Ultra light weight fabrics
  • Heavy and dense fabrics
  • Elastic and inelastic fabrics
  • Seamless knitting (pieces)
  • Tubular fabrics (continuous)


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