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23rd January 2017, Biella

Zegna Baruffa to present latest brand collections at Pitti

Baruffa and Botto Poala will present a collection with functionality as a central concept, inspired by ideas of comfort and travel. © Zegna Baruffa Lane BorgosesiaZegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, an Italian leader in the production of fine yarns for top-quality knitwear, together with its Chiavazza and Botto Poala lines, will present its latest collections for Spring/Summer 2018 at Pitti Filati, an international event featuring yarns for the knitting industry, which is taking place in Florence, Italy, this week.

Baruffa and Botto Poala will present a collection with functionality as a central concept, inspired by ideas of comfort and travel. The collection features a variety of knitwear yarns, from the finest and lightest, ideal for weightless garments to take with you on a trip, to the round and multi-ply ones, created to give birth to tailored or more structured garments.

Must-have items

Elastic, crease-resistant, garments made with these yarns should become a must-have for any kind of trip, bringing important functional qualities like moisture management and cool feel, the company reports. Stain-repellent, the knitted garments do not require any special care: Cashwool Teflon, Millennium Teflon, and Wuky are covered with an invisible coat designed to protect them from water and oily stains.

Elegant and fresh, sandy dry surfaced, more substantial and structured knitted pieces made with multi-ply yarns cannot be missed in the seasonal set of clothes: Cannes and Dragon Maxi turn into floaty and flexuous jackets, substantial tailor made dresses, unique and exclusive pieces, for special occasions. Finally, Antibes and Holiday, with their dry and crêpe surface, are the ideal yarns to produce fresh and functional knitwear.


This theme represents a combination of natural colours and tones, from dazzling yellow, inspired by the sunlight to flickering shadows and visual effects, as well as heavy, dark tones representing the busy movement of the waves. Creating contrasts and interesting new dissonances, greyish sandy pink and metallic blue tones clash with light colours and soft shades.

Thunder cloud

Entangled in neofuturistic images, featuring luminous straight lines, the landscape corresponds to a journey in space and time, the materialisation of the contemporary desire for research and exploration. The theme uses intensely bright colours, warm or cool, saturated or just slightly more diluted alternate in a broken down, multiform, intriguing sequence that abounds in unusual contrasts.

The nearest star to Earth

This theme celebrates the combination and nature and technology, inspired by the sun and the stars. “We move within spaces that are foreign to us as in a dream, struck by violent, intermittent light: metallic, dazzling, saturated colours split the sky that is dark but never black, creating incomparable sensory experiences,” the company explains.

Suspended vision

This sensual theme is inspired by chalky, nuanced colours. Soft, diluted and never saturated, they light up, accompanies by the iron grey and gleaming white.

One Day

“Nature is sublimated in a kind of non-existent, imaginary landscape with little relation to the real world but highly appealing and charming,” the company reports. “Once again movement is an integral part of the image – which converts into pure form and colour – modifying its definition and contours, eliminating detail by making it essential, transforming it into an idea.” Colours in this theme become a strong point, describing an unreal landscape. Illusory tones set alongside ideal, vaporous shades alternate in a brilliant inconsistent range of refined contrasts.


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