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Zegna Baruffa to present latest trends at Pitti Filati

Second skin sweaters in extra fine and superfine merino wool are a must.

26th June 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Italy

Knitwear, Collections, Colours/​Trends

The company will present its latest innovations and trend directions at the Pitti Filati trade show, which is taking place in Florence, this week.

Yarn collection

“Second skin sweaters in extra fine and superfine merino wool are a must. We must admit they give a pleasing sense of security and even happiness,” the company reports. “They are warm and enveloping pieces, light as a feather, easy to carry in a purse or drape across your shoulders if it is cool out. Useful, comfortable and well-performing pieces that embrace us, belong to us and that often mirror our personality, telling a little something about us.” Comfortable, stain- and water-resistant sweaters with smart moisture management can be made with yarns: K-Wool, K-Wool Comfort, Re-Active, Wellington, Cashwool Teflon, and Wuky.

Another selection of yarns – Maxi, Aster, Outdoor, Holiday, and Hibiscus – can be used to make elaborate or simple, dense and sculptured sweaters that offer better protection. Created with flexible cables or soft multi-ply yarns, these are contemporary jackets, well-designed and tailored for spending time outside. Soft, cashmere sweaters, made from very fine yarns blended with cotton and cashmere, can be achieved with yarns Millennium, Gold, Alashan, Cashmere 2/28, Savile, and Dahlia.

Finally, fresh and contemporary personalised pieces, made from high-quality fibres like cashmere, superfine wools and soft mohair, can be achieved with yarns Akita, Bard, Musk, Marble, Pony, and Funny.

Colour directions

The first trend, Evening sunbath, features blinding, clashing and disorganised colours that are saturated and harsh, illusory and voluminous. The second trend, Follow the white rabbit, is realised through rosy and spectacular, sugar-coated and soft colours. In their maximum emphasis, they are elegant, balanced, and dynamic, the company reports. Thick and pasty shadows, dark transversal silhouettes represent the unknown and the uncertain.

Feast is another colour trend of this season, which is all about mixing, combining, reinventing and uniting. The colours, on the contrary, are mostly tender and harmonic, fluid, tepid and soft, juxtaposed with a short series of more intense, calm and solid tones. Before a storm is a trend that is characterised by new pastel colours, kept in check with greyish tones, which are rich in nuances.

High up in the sky represents a perfect silence interrupted by whispered sounds, sudden noises, shadows and light. Dense and impenetrable, the dark tones quickly give way to lighter and more delicate colours as a complete contrast. A turquoise that is so intense marks the watershed.

Finally, the Treasure island represents the bare landscape, an arid and boundless desert, lacking visual stimulus. Hot and golden, full and luxurious, the colours shine in unforeseen juxtapositions, at time repetitive, giving rise to rare contrasts. “A soft sky blue, slightly altered with a drop of red, is the luminous and “transcendent” touch that underlines the sense of mystery lingering in the scene,” the company reports.

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