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Shima Seiki: Air Splicer

5th June 2009 0 comment
Reliable high-speed yarn splicing for precise colour changes The precision that goes hand-in-hand with Shima Seiki’s excellent shaping, 3-D shaping and WHOLEGARMENT® capabilities is now available as a proprietary device ensuring the highest quality color changes in multi-colour knitwear applications. Introducing Shima Seiki’s new Air Splicer high-speed yarn splicing device. Unlike conventional knotter systems which mechanically tie together yarn ends, the Air Splicer cuts then twists t


5th June 2009 0 comment
What WHOLEGARMENT means to you A superior alternative to conventional knitting methods, the seam-free construction of WHOLEGARMENT realizes substantial benefits unmatched by any other textile product. It opens up a world of unprecedented opportunities for the knitter, merchandiser, retailer and consumer alike. Benefits for the Designer Without seams, patterns and designs remain uninterrupted across the entire garment: front to back; over-the-shoulder; and down-the sleeves True reversib

Shima Seiki: NewSES S-WG

12th April 2009 0 comment
A versatile new machine complete with Wholegarment® capability Based on the world’s first WHOLEGARMENT® machine, the SWG®-V, Shima Seiki’s NewSES®-S·WG is an extremely flexible machine which realizes quality knitting in a range of production styles. Like the NewSWG®-V WHOLEGARMENT® specialty machine, the NewSES®-S·WG is capable of knitting complete garments using latch needles, offering a simple solution to the complex demands involved in producing WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear. Unli

Shima Seiki: NewSES C-WG

12th April 2009 0 comment
Versatility combined with coarse gauge Wholegarment® capability Shima Seiki’s NewSES®-C·WG is an extremely flexible machine which realizes quality knitting in a range of production styles. Like other NewSES®-series machines, the NewSES®-C·WG is capable of shaping and integral knitting. What makes this machine unique, however, is its capability to knit coarse gauge WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear. Using special compound needles like those found on our NewSES®-CS type machines, as well as a

Shima Seiki: SWG041N/ SWG061/ SWG091

12th April 2009 0 comment
Wholegarment® accessories and beyond The original SWG®041 opened up a whole new genre of WHOLEGARMENT ® production, with its compact 16-inch knitting width specially designed for producing a range of WHOLEGARMENT® accessory items. Gloves, socks, five-toe socks, hats, mufflers, leg warmers, neck-ties and other fashion accessories could all be produced in their entirety, with no sewing or linking required*. As a glove knitting machine, SWG®041 was especially unique, with its 3-D shaping

Shima Seiki: New SWG-V

9th April 2009 0 comment
The original WholeGarment machine keeps getting better WHOLEGARMENT® is gathering more and more attention around the world as the future direction of knitwear. Whereas with conventional knitting methods individual body pieces must be knit separately and sewn together afterwards, WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology provides the means to knit an entire sweater which can be worn straight off the machine with no linking or sewing*. Shima Seiki’s SWG®-V, the world’s fi rst commercial applic

Shima Seiki: SWG-X

7th April 2009 0 comment
WholeGarment computerized flat knitting machine Specially configured for WHOLEGARMENT® knitting with 4 needle beds and an additional loop presser bed, Shima Seiki’s SWG®-X features vast improvements over the original SWG®-series machines. With a completely new design based on FIRST® “next generation” technology, the SWG®-X is capable of producing beautifully shaped, high-quality WHOLEGARMENT® products which conform perfectly to the body for improved comfort and a more elegant s

Shima Seiki: MACH2S

5th April 2009 0 comment
Wholegarment capability with speed Like the NewSES-S ·WG WHOLEGARMENT® machine on which it is based, Shima Seiki’s MACH2®S is an extremely flexible machine which realizes quality knitting in a range of production styles. As a conventional shaping machine, it is capable of all-needle knitting in its available range of 12 to 16 gauge, while WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear can be produced in half-gauge fabrics. As the name “MACH”− the unit for the speed of sound− suggests, the MACH2®S s

Shima Seiki: MACH2X

30th March 2009 0 comment
Dramatic improvements in productivity for high quality Wholegarment knitwear Like the SWG®-X on which it is based, the new MACH2®X is a WHOLEGARMENT specialty machine that features 4 needle beds and Shima Seiki’s original SlideNeedle™. And like the SWG®-X, it can knit beautifully shaped, high-quality WHOLEGARMENT® products which conform to the body for improved comfort and a more elegant silhouette. As the “MACH” name suggests, what sets the MACH2®X apart is its speed and prod

Shima Seiki: SWG FIRST

19th March 2009 0 comment
The next generation in computerized flat bed knitting A synthesis of all of Shima Seiki’s experience and know-how, the SWG®-FIRST® series “Next Generation” computerized flatbed knitting machines offer tremendous capability previously unimagined in the world of knitting. Everything from full-fashioning, rib shaping to 3-dimensional shaping, as well as WHOLEGARMENT® production can be performed. This all-purpose capability is made possible through the development of our revolutionary