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Flat Knitting - Compact

  • 6th June 2013

    Stoll Compact Class & Multi-Gauge Class

    A CMS of the compact class is above all one thing: typically STOLL! It is extremely efficient for Fully Fashion, as you can select two, three or four systems as required....

  • 3rd June 2010

    Shima Seiki: NSIG122

    The Global Standard for Intarsia Knitting Shima Seiki’s NSIG is the new global standard for intarsia knitting machines, having inherited the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting mach...

  • 3rd June 2010

    Shima Seiki: NSSG122

    The Global Standard for Computerized Flat Knitting Shima Seiki’s NSSG is the new global standard, having inherited the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines. Productiv...

  • 3rd June 2010

    Shima Seiki: NSES122CS

    Two original technologies for ideal coarse gauge knitting The "CS" moniker of the NSES122CS stands for "Compound-Sinker" which symbolizes the marriage of two unique Shima Seiki technologies resulting in ideal coarse gauge knitting. Compound needles are us...

  • 30th October 2009

    Stoll entry level models get optional auxiliary take-down

    Stoll’s entry level models in its Compact Class and Multi Gauge Class, now called CMS 502 and CMS 502 multi gauge, have recently been given a considerable upgrade by the German machine builder. Additionally, both models are now available with an auxiliary...

  • 28th July 2009

    Steiger: Gemini

    The innovative machine concept of the Gemini machine Smallest dimensions with great performance in productivity without any compromise. The Steiger proven technology for all type of yarns and best quality stitches. High efficiency, through user fri...

  • 28th July 2009

    Steiger: Libra

    Great in new dimensions Steiger continues his tradition of innovation with the introduction of the new LIBRA. The LIBRA is a concentration of the latest technology in the most compact dimensions without any compromises in quality, productivity and ...

  • 24th July 2009

    Steiger: Aries.3

    The dream of all knitters has now become reality! Use your imagination freely; the Steiger technology with their three system can boxes to increase productivity and the 32 yarn carriers (option) to allow even more creativity makes it possible. The ...

  • 17th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: LAPIS warp weft hybrid flat knitting machine

    A unique machine for creating unprecedented fine gauge fashion Heralded as a historic breakthrough in knitting technology, Shima Seiki’s original SPL of 1971 was the world’s fi rst machine to offer warp insertion in a fl at (weft) knitting mach...

  • 13th April 2009

    Shima Seiki: SSG Series

    The Obvious Choice Ever since our first SNC model was developed in 1978, we at Shima Seiki have been at the forefront of computerized knitting technology. Furthermore with the launch of our award-winning and bestselling SES® series in 1989, Shima Seiki h...

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