Flat Knitting - Gloves / Socks

Shima Seiki: SPG

19th April 2009 1 comment
A specialty machine for knitting pile gloves Branching out from the SFG family of glove knitting machines, the SPG is the world’s first automatic glove knitting machine to produce seamless pile-knitted gloves. Pile gloves are becoming more popular with their special features such as shock-resistance, thermal insulation and safety cushioning. As a result, these gloves are especially suited to the industrial safety glove market in a variety of applications. Available in both 7 and 10 gauges, t

Shima Seiki: SPF-W

19th April 2009 0 comment
Comfortable, stylish socks with seamless toes and heels Shima Seiki’s SPF has been the only machine to specialize in the production of five-toe socks with heels. Now that unique technology has been taken to an entirely new level with the introduction of our SPF-W machine. The SPF-W’s most significant improvement is its capability to knit both left- and right-foot socks on one machine, whereas the previous SPF required two machines, one dedicated to each foot. Considerable savings can

Shima Seiki: NewSFG

17th April 2009 0 comment
The ultrafine gauge seamless glove machine that keeps evolving Shima Seiki’s NewSFG computerized seamless glove machine has gained a large following with users worldwide, thanks to its quality, reliability and unparalleled technology developed especially for fi ne and ultrafi ne gauge applications. In addition to its already impressive line-up of 10, 13 and 15 gauges, the NewSFG has now evolved to include an 18 gauge machine. The NewSFG’s proven sinker system and yarn insertion device c

Shima Seiki: SFG

17th April 2009 0 comment
The best-selling glove knitting machine in the world Back in the early 1960’s Shima Seiki was originally founded on a mission to develop an automated seamless glove knitting machine. Constant improvements have been made to that original machine in the years since. With pioneering technology, durability and reliable productivity, our machines have enjoyed worldwide popularity throughout the years. Today, our computerized SFG carries on this tradition of success by becoming the best-selling

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