Winding & Twisting Machines

Agteks: New DirectTwist Multi Series

17th December 2009 0 comment
Cone to Cone Multi Function Twisting Machine Integrates all the advantages of two-for-one, hollow spindle, direct cabling, basic and ring twisting methods. Vast Amount of possibilities for realizing different twist types with broad yarn kinds and count. No need for yarn preparation before twisting and no need rewinding after twisting. Essential for new generation integral garment / knit & wear knitting machines with multi-end use Ideal for technical textiles manufacturers to make specia

Agteks: IntelliWinder

15th December 2009 0 comment
Intelligent unravelling machine for flat-knitted fabrics Unravelling is the process of rewinding the yarn from a flat knitted fabric back to the cone for re-use. This process is also known as back winding or de-knitting. Why do knitwear manufacturers need this machine? According to Agteks, spoilt fabric percentage from knitting machines is around 5%. It varies according to the skill of the operator, type and colour of the yarn used, climate conditions, the structure of the fabric, gauge and

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