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A swimwear capsule with a green heart

Q-Nova yarn by Fulgar features in London based brand Away That Day’s latest SS24 collection.

10th June 2024

Knitting Industry
 |  Milan


In today’s fashion industry, sustainability has become a vital priority for brands and consumers. Sustainable beachwear has emerged as a tangible, much-needed response to growing environmental awareness among consumers, offering innovative solutions that reduce ecological impact without compromising on style, comfort and functionality.

This has also been well understood by Away That Day, an emerging London-based brand in the fashion swimwear sector that is known for its commitment to the production of high-quality garments with captivating prints. The brand’s swimwear reflects an intense focus on sustainability, a philosophy that has led it to turn to the sustainable fibres produced by Fulgar for SS24, offering a beachwear capsule of five items.

At the heart of this mini-collection with a green heart is Q-NOVA, an innovative regenerated fibre obtained from waste materials from the production cycle, transformed using a mechanical process with a low environmental impact. The fibre not only leads to a drastic reduction in the ecological impact of the textile production, it also provides exceptional quality in terms of lightness, softness and breathability.

© Fulgar

“We’re very happy to support Away That Day in their progress towards increasingly sustainable beachwear collections. This collaboration is a concrete example of how innovation and sustainability can move forward together, creating products, including swim and beachwear, that can satisfy consumers’ aesthetic and functional requirements and help build a greener future,” says Daniela Antunes, Marketing Manager at Fulgar.

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