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Byborre launches Mission:Failed

Dutch disruptor to challenge the textiles industry's disposable trend.

18th March 2024

Knitting Industry
 |  Amsterdam

Knitted Outerwear

In an era where a continuous and growing stream of clothing is discarded into landfills globally, Byborre is taking a stand against the prevailing disposable trends in the textiles industry. Introducing 'Mission:Failed', Byborre is reframing the narrative surrounding textiles projects that may have missed the mark, transforming them into opportunities for positive impact.

In a world dominated by fast fashion, Byborre aims to repurpose and upcycle unsuccessful textile endeavours, providing them a renewed purpose. Mission:Failed is not just a project. it's a principled response to the mounting issue of waste in the textile industry. Rather than allowing failed textiles projects to contribute to environmental degradation, Byborre breathes life into them, aligning with its commitment to sustainability and responsible creation.

From rejected designs to surplus materials, each product within Mission:Failed tells a story of resilience and transformation. This initiative is more than an acknowledgment of imperfection; it's a unique statement against wasteful practices and a call for a more sustainable and conscious approach to textiles.  

“Together, let's turn failures into statements for a more sustainable and conscious approach to textiles. Embrace imperfection, reduce waste, and be part of much needed positive change,” says Borre Akkersdijk, Chief Creative Officer at Byborre.

The launch of Mission:Failed includes three initially featured products, all with distinctive stories. The first offering comprises 300 'failed' Hoodies originally intended for forward-thinking fashion brand Vollebak but rejected due to optical quality concerns. Typically, this entire batch would meet its demise in the current textiles industry landscape. However, Byborre, with consent from Vollebak, rebrands these Hoodies as Mission:Failed products, demonstrating its collaborative commitment to sustainable principles. 

The second set contains 130 hoodies and 60 blankets, made from textiles designed by multidisciplinary scientist and fermentation expert Jason White. Both perfectly fine products that never reached the market due to the bankruptcy of the company behind their creation. Mission:Failed adheres to a clear ground rule - rebranding and openly acknowledging the failure while offering these products to consumers.

The project aims to be self-sufficient, covering the additional expenses and material costs incurred in repurposing these textiles. Byborre embraces fair pricing, ensuring that consumers can participate without compromising affordability.

Byborre has partnered with NTWRK, a live video shopping platform, to showcase and sell Mission:Failed products. This innovative retail approach combines e-commerce with live streaming video, allowing real-time interaction between sellers and shoppers. The live launch show was be streamed on March 14, 8:00 PM CET, at which point the items became available.

Byborre is an impact-driven textile company founded in 2015, dedicated to transforming the textile industry through responsible creation and transparent sourcing. Merging physical and digital worlds, Byborre pioneers material innovation, transparency and textile customisation to make responsible textiles accessible, worldwide. By questioning industry norms, Byborre invites others to think differently and become part of something bigger - a movement that redefines the future and possibilities of textiles.

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