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20th June 2009

Texion Software Solutions: ProCad velours

ProCad veloursThe versatile program ProCad velours assists the designer in the development process without restricting him in any way. The designer is absolutely free to try out his creative ideas. Up to 64 yarn types are simultaneously available, and colors can be varied in an unlimited number of shades. With ProCad velours, the designer is able to modify pattern notations graphically or by entering chain links numerically. Due to the program’s integrated calculation algorithms, changes to the design are instantaneously displayed in the simulated pattern (polymatrix) after each operation. The simulation file generated by ProCad velours may be viewed in photo realistic quality on the screen and is also available for printing at any time.

After the new knitted pattern has been created, a certain type of machine is selected for production and assigned to the pattern. All important production data and parameters like machine and production width, gauge, machine speed, fabric take-off and yarn thread-in, can be called up immediately. The program’s archives also record data on gray goods, finished products and actual production speeds. Together, these data are the basis for detailed production reports and an important source of information for future batches.

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